Blood In The Water Fanmade Chapter (Shark Killer)

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Killer: The Maneater

Killer Ability: Rising Tide

Killer Perks: Hex: Scent of Blood, Capsize, Unhinge

Survivor: Ahonui Halano

Survivor Perks: Bail, Boon: Lull, Double-Up

Map: Murder Island, The Dead Beach

Killer: Kamohoa is a hulking fusion of man and shark, chasing down his prey on land and sea. His personal perks Hex: Scent of Blood, Capsize, and Unhinge allow him to find bleeding prey no matter how far, crush Survivors' efforts and hope, and lure his prey towards him.

Power: Rising Tide

The Entity will periodically flood the Trial with ephemeral water.

Start the Trial with 2 Tokens that recharge at a rate of 1 Token every 6 seconds.

Special Ability: Surge

Pressing the Power button will initiate a Surge, causing The Maneater to charge forward at 250% speed for 10 meters, consuming 1 Token in the process. If The Man-Eater hits a Survivor with Surge, they lose a health state. Surge will destroy any breakable walls or dropped pallets if charged into but will consume 2 Surge tokens. If Surge destroys a pallet or breakable wall with less than 2 Tokens, it will enter a Token debt but will carry over any recharge progress towards the next token.

Special Effect: Low Tide

With every use of Surge, the Tide meter fills as the water draws in. After 10 uses of Surge, the Realm is affected by Low Tide for the remainder of the Trial.

During Low Tide the following effects will occur:

 - All levels of the Trial are flooded with water up to the knee.

 - Survivors running within your Terror Radius are revealed with Killer Instinct due to the splashing of water that lingers for 2 seconds.

 - Survivors walking produce more noise as they wade through the water.

 - Survivors in the dying state are able to crawl 50% faster as they are able to swim through the shallow water.

Special Effect: High Tide

With every use of Surge, the Tide meter fills as the water levels rise. After 10 uses of Surge, the Realm is affected by High Tide for 60 seconds before returning to Low Tide.

During High Tide the following effects will occur:

 - All levels of the Trial are flooded completely with water.

 - Survivors are Deafened.

 - Survivors are able to vault Pallets and Windows at maximum speed silently.

 - You move at 130% speed.

 - Your Red Stain is extended all around you.

 - Surge speed is increased to 375% speed.

 - Surge distance is increased by 200%.



 - Sea Salt - Seawater concentrated and dried into fine salt.

Reduces the number of Surge uses to charge the Tide meter by 1.

 - Fresh Kava - Kava made from fresh leaves giving it a pleasant aroma.

Reduces Surge recharge time by 1 second.

 - Flowered Lei - Old, dried flowers strung together into a fragrant necklace.

Survivors in the Dying state crawl 10% slower.

 - Beach Sand - A small pouch of sand from the Island's beaches.

Increases the duration of High Tide by 6 seconds.

 - Anchor - A rusted, algae-covered anchor.

Your Surge Tokens are reduced to 1 Token. Grants 100% Bonus Bloodpoints for Surge Score Events in the Deviousness category.


 - Volcanic Salt - A blend of sea salt and crushed black lava for finishing.

Reduces the number of Surge uses to charge the Tide meter by 2.

 - Sour Kava - Kava made from rotting leaves and seawater.

Reduces Surge recharge time by 2 seconds.

 - Feather Lei - Dusty crow feathers braided into a ominous necklace.

Survivors in the Dying state crawl 20% slower.

 - Shore Stones - A small pouch of black stones that once lined the Island's shores.

Increases the duration of High Tide by 12 seconds.

 - Shark-Tooth Kapa - A torn barkcloth imprinted with shark-tooth designs.

Survivors hit with Surge are afflicted with the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds.


 - Blackened Salt - A mixture of crushed black lava and burned bodies.

Reduces the number of Surge uses to charge the Tide meter by 3.

 - Spoiled Kava - Kava brewed in the bloated bodies that line the shores.

Reduces Surge recharge time by 3 seconds.

 - Hair Lei - Clumps of bloody hair and bits of scalp braided into a grim necklace.

Survivors in the Dying state crawl 30% slower.

 - Lava Rocks - Darkened lava stones from a sacred volcano.

Increases the duration of High Tide by 18 seconds.

 - Shark-Tooth Drum - A small drum lined with shark teeth and human skin.

Survivors hit with Surge are afflicted with the Broken and Exhausted status effects for 60 seconds.

Very Rare

 - Broken Pahi Kaua - The broken bill of a swordfish fashioned into a blade.

Low Tide is active at the start of the Trial and becomes permanent.

Your movement speed is increased to 115%

Survivors hit by Surge while injured are immediately grabbed and carried.

 - Torn Pikoi - A tripping cord that had been snapped in half.

Survivors within 24 meters of a Surge are Hindered for 16 seconds.

Hitting a Survivor with a Surge will trigger a tremendously difficult Skill Check for any Survivor repairing or healing. 

 - Rotten Tuna - The decayed symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Hitting a Survivor with a Surge will force them to drop their items.

The Entity will consume the item if not recovered within 120 seconds.

The item has its aura revealed to the Survivor that lost it.

 - Dead Triggerfish - A lifeless humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

Survivors hit with Surge are put into the Dying state.

Surge recharge time increased by 6 seconds.

Reduces the number of Surge uses to charge the Tide meter by 6.

 - Shark-Tooth Tattoo - A disembodied foot with shark-tooth tattoos.

Survivors hit with Surge are afflicted with the Haemorrhage and Mangled status effects for 60 seconds.

Ultra Rare

 - Fish-Out-of-Water - A still-living fish gasping on dry land.

Surge will no longer charge the Tide meter.

Survivors within 24 meters of a Surge are Exposed for 30 seconds.

You become undetectable while Surge is recharging.

 - Iridescent Leiomano - A glass-like club lined with shark teeth molded from the fog itself.

High Tide is active at the start of the Trial and becomes permanent.

Movement speed bonus during High Tide is reduced to 120%.

You become Deafened.

Surge will cause you to swim over dropped Pallets and Windows.

Hex: Scent of Blood: A hex that fuels its master with the blood of its prey. While this hex persists, injured Survivors will be revealed by Killer Instinct for 3 seconds every 20/16/12 seconds.

Capsize: Whenever you kick a Generator, Capsize activates for 30 seconds. While activated, the next Survivor hit with a basic attack is immediately put into the Dying state. Capsize has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

Unhinge: Breaking a Pallet while in a chase will force Survivors within 24 meters to face towards you. Survivors in this radius that are moving will be forced to move towards you until they stop. Unhinge has a cooldown of 30/25/20 seconds.

Height: Tall

Weapon: Thresher Jaws (Head Cosmetic)

Speed: 110%

Terror Radius: 40 meters

Survivor: Ahonui Halano is a rugged island-dweller who teaches surfing and survival to his community. His personal perks Bail, Boon: Lull, and Double-Up allow him to drop out of a dangerous situation, bring peace during the calm before the storm, and protect those around him.

Bail: While being chased by the Killer, Bail activates. While active, press the Active Ability button to duck backwards into the killer, granting temporary collision immunity for 0.5 seconds and breaking out into a sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for 4 seconds. Bail causes the Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Bail can be used while Exhausted and healthy but will cause the Survivor to lose a health state.

Boon: Lull: A boon that provides solace to Survivors once the water is calm. Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 24 meters. When a healthy Survivor stands within the range of this boon for 6 seconds, Boon: Lull activates. When a Survivor is injured by any means while active, this boon will snuff itself to hide all Survivors' Scratch Marks and Pools of Blood for 15/20/25 seconds. When snuffed by the Killer, Boon: Lull will only activate for 40% of its usual duration.

Double-Up: Earning a Protection Hit will activate this perk. While active, Double-Up grants you the Endurance status effect while within 10 meters of another injured Survivor. Suffering from the Deep Wounds status effect will deactivate Double-Up. Double-Up has a cooldown of 80/70/60 seconds. Double-Up only replenishes its cooldown while Healthy.

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  • pizzaguy816
    pizzaguy816 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    this is a really good idea but instead of flooding the map, you could spawn puddles and you could swim between the puddles, but if the survivors step in the puddles you will be alerted, and they will be stunned for a sec.

  • CBT137
    CBT137 Member Posts: 137

    This killer seems very busted especially in his add ons , easily above blight and competing with nurse

  • Z0mbiv0r
    Z0mbiv0r Member Posts: 263

    I really like the concept, but there are some issues I would give attention to.

    Starting with the Special Ability: Surge, while the power itself is cool, having it be token based seems OP to me, specially with them recharching every 6 seconds. I would either make it a one time use ability with a 10 second cooldown or give it more uses but make it recharge slowlier, with an extended cooldown timer if you run out of uses. Even more so if the power Rising Tide is tied to it with no specification on it being necessary to be successful uses of the ability. I mean, as explained right now, I could spam Surge 20 times (which would take less than 2 minutes) to get the High Tide effect, and once it goes back to Low Tide I would need less than a minute to cause it again.

    Now to the Power itself. While Low Tide sounds extremely cool to me, High Tide seems like it would be broken. Taking into consideration what I stated before, it would be easily abusable. So, why not make the uses required for both to happen something like 6 for Low Tide and 8 for High Tide, while reducing High Tide duration to 30 seconds AND making it go back to no water after it? Also, I would severely reduce the speed boost and surge range when in High Tide, and maybe make it so that

    1) Cooldown for Surge is slightly reduced while in High Tide.

    2) Injured survivors in your terror radius activate Killer Instinct on them.

    3) Stun duration for the killer when in High Tide is slightly increased.

    All of the above would make for a necessary rework on Add-Ons, but as of now, the ones I think need special attention are:

    Very Rare

    Broken Pahi Kaua - NEW effect: High Tide is disabled.

    Dead Triggerfish - NEW effect: Killer's base speed is reduced

    Ultra Rare

    Fish-Out-Of-Water: NEW effect: Surge uses are reduced to one. Cooldown is increased. EDITED effect: Exposed applies for 20 seconds.

    Iridiscent Leiomano: I would rework this one completely. Having it cause a permanent High Tide effect seems extremely OP.

    On to the perks:

    Hex: Scent of Blood - Cool idea but since this killer concept kind of incentivizes having various survies injured, I would make it so the auras are revealed every 30/24/18 seconds.

    Capsize: Again, cool idea but it needs a timer. As of now, it is basically applying exposed to every survivor until they are hit. Either make it so any survivor within a certain radius is exposed until one of them is hit and increase the cooldown or apply a number of maximum uses, or just make it apply to every survivor but for a limited time. I would like the second better since the first one is still pretty OP, but it still could be doable.

    Unhinge: I don't think I understand clearly what you meant by 'face towards you' for 2 seconds. Like, are they unable to move and just stand there looking at you for 2 seconds? This would completely nullify the option to use pallets, which is, again, too OP. And it would look silly too, imo. I'm not saying is bad, just that I don't really think it's the best you could do. What about making it so the nearest survivor drops the item held, if any? That would work well with other concepts in this killer while not making pallets unusable.

  • Z0mbiv0r
    Z0mbiv0r Member Posts: 263

    On to the survivor:

    Bail looks extremely similar to Dead Hard, and quite more powerful and easy to use at that. Maybe make it just so the survivor jumps backwards losing collision with the killer (but still able to take a hit) for 2 meters. It could work well to prevent certain killer's powers (such as Surge) or to trick the killer into thinking you are cornered upon taking a turn and losing LoS just to turn away and run in the opposite direction. Not sure, but as of now, as I said, it looks like a quite more powerful version of Dead Hard, the only difference being instead of moving forwards like old DH you go backwards.

    Boon: Lull sounds too similar to that other perk that hides scratchmarks, and besides, what is the point in hiding pools of blood too if the requirement is for all survivors to be healthy? How about this: Whenever a survivor escapes a chase in the radius of the boon, the boon will produce a loud noise notification. It could provide some strategical element to it while also allowing to mislead the killer for a few seconds you could use to put distance between both.

    Double Up is a bit poorly explained too. What would it do exactly? So if I take a protection hit, am I literally invincible for as long as I stay within the range of an injured survivor? Would it be a one time use for activation only? How about making it so that after taking a protection hit, the survivor gains the broken and incapacitated effects and if the killer doesn't hit you again for 30 seconds, you regain one health state and lose said status effect? It would still be OP, specially if several survivors bring it along, but it does certainly sounds less annoying. If we give a survivor invincibility while taking protection hits, it could be easily exploitable ad infinitum to constantly bodyblock the killer.

    Overall, I really like your creation, I just gave you my opinion on it on how it would look better, more appealing and balanced. At least to me, of course.

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
    JawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 3,339

    I'll be honest it does sound fun, and a lot different from killers we have been getting recently.

  • YukonBlue
    YukonBlue Member Posts: 24

    Thank you for the feedback! I used Wesker for a basis by just spamming his bound, and in every match (against bots) they finished all gens and ledt before I could reach High Tide which used to be 40 total uses. (1:09:98 for 10 uses, 4:46:83 was the closest I got at 37 before the game ended). Originally I had High Tide permanent but then reduced the total to 20 uses and made it temporary.

    The Tides are kinda OP but I wanted to buff Survivors a bit with it like baseline tenacity and quick&quiet, maybe buff them a bit more?

    Scent of Blood is just more thematic than anything, Id see it more useful on wesker blight and nurse than maneater

    Capsize Originally, and I know lol, was down a survivor and it damages generators. And then I realized it was literally just Jolt, so I wanted to reverse it but still keep the 'sinking ship' idea so it applies exposed but with a cooldown. Its more of an anti-gen-tapping perk but pairs too well with Nowhere To Hide.

    Unhinge is kinda cool, so in keeping theme with sharks, apparently they can unhinge their jaws to create a vacuum that pulls prey in. Which sounds super weird but really cool, but forced survivor movement isn't fair so the counter is to just stop moving if the killer breaks a pallet otherwise you risk losing distance by running back towards the killer. It doesn't force your camera to face the killer, but your character changes direction and will keep running if you were moving in any direction. Hard to explain.

    Bail is kinda like the old Dead Hard for distance rather than a new DH. The immunity is just to allow you to run through the killer without collision.

    Lull is meant to give everyone Lucky Break even if the killer starts chasing someone right away. You could make clutch plays with adrenaline or finishing a heal just before the killer comes back to hook etc. Originally it was going to give you calm spirit in the boon area but that didn't seem useful enough.

    Double Up is a mettle of man on demand, it just gives you another health state to body block, but should require the Survivor to be healthy before the cooldown even starts.

    Thank you again, I hope these explain the perks better!

  • Z0mbiv0r
    Z0mbiv0r Member Posts: 263

    That clarifies a lot, actually. As I mentioned, the concept and design is pretty cool and I would really much like to have something like this in the game. It changes a lot of things and feels fresh and original. Still, most likely it would need a few nerfs and balancing, but yep, pretty awesome. Good work!