What Exactly Is "The Fog" In DBD?

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Im not sure if this is just me, but this is something Ive been confused about for awhile.

Here are somethings that I am aware from various Tome lore and cutscenes we've seen over the years:

  • The Fog itself is a solid object, but not really a solid object, since it is physically able to grab and pull characters and creatures around and move them. The Fog is also able to force people into the Entity's realm. (Cutscene)
  • The Fog is described as it's own living creature; it is attracted towards people and forms around them, it wants to be breathed in and is intoxicating for living creatures. (Benedict Baker; Tome Lore)
  • Able to manifest and demanifest from existence, almost as if it can travel between different plains and areas of existence, which is why areas such as the Overlap exist. Though regardless, it will always source from the Entity. (Tome Lore; Cutscenes; General Gameplay)
  • Able to be "poisoned" and can generally be reduced/killed; able to be "fueled" and can generally grow and develop, kind of like a plant. (General Gameplay, Mist Offerings)
  • Unclear if it is part of the Entity, or is the Entity itself. Sometimes described as a symbiotic relationship, sometimes described as them being the same thing. (Tome Lore)

Also, while I cannot pull from the exact source this information is from, I can provide a rough guild to help people. Im sure some DBD lore expert is going to correct some or this, or know roughly what Im trying to say.

But yea, what exactly is the Fog in DBD?


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    So the fog is basically The Entity. sort of like how the Claws and the Spikes and all of the maps are also The Entity. the blight tome confirms that the fog is made up of auric cells.

    "He stares at it intently and his panicking mind calms with amazement as he finds himself staring at tiny cells that undulate together like some sort of vaporous membrane."

    and the Blight also confirms that the Entity uses Fog in several ways, such as poking people, turning into other objects (notice how Pallets and Breakable Walls disentigrate when you break them) and can even be used to absorb memories and project them back (Blight hallucinates the voice of someone important to him coming from within the fog)

    basically, the Fog is the Entity is almost purest for, since even the Spikes and Claws need to be formed from the Fog first. Also, when you use an offering, it doesnt actually effect the fog in any way by itsself. throwing a Murky Reagent into the fire makes the Entity go "alright, murky reagent, turning the fog up for this one" same with Map Offerings or whatever else.

    "Talbot leads his retinue toward a wall of fog, ignoring the gasps and sighs behind him. He stops in his tracks just before entering. Oswald announces that he thinks they should all turn back and that if they do he’ll make them a wonderful dish he learned in India. Calder says the money they are paying him makes turning back impossible. Dallin agrees with Calder. Talbot takes note of the comment, then extends a finger and pokes the almost liquid fog, and the fog extends a tendril and pokes him back. In disbelief Talbot pokes the fog again to see if he’ll stimulate a similar response.

    But the fog doesn’t poke back."

    "He stares at the fog for a long moment then hears Ena's voice calling out his name from within the Bleed."