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Pretty big pinhead box lament configuration bug

FieldAgentReaper Member Posts: 23
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  • playing on pc (steam) when this bug occurs
  • when pulling a survivor out of a locker when they are holding the lament configuration instead of the the chain hunt starting 10 seconds later, the box respawns but with a fully reset timer back to 0
  • grab the lament configuration get into a locker and let pinhead pull you out of the locker to cause this glitch
  • this seems to happen every time or at least an extremely high % of the time there might be some cases were it does not occur but it seems pretty consistent.
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  • FieldAgentReaper
    FieldAgentReaper Member Posts: 23

    bump still no answer to this bug but had a very good showcase off it on otz's stream today when he had me play pinhead for him.