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The Fumigator: Killer idea

WeaverReaver42 Member Posts: 210

I recently thought a simple idea. What if: Plague, but like clown? That lead to this killer idea. Please give as much criticism as possible. I'm not too good at making killers, I'm more of an idea kind of person.

Garret Yale (named after the man who created the gas mask and the creator of modern smoke bombs)


The Fumigator has various modes that allow him to spread 'Toxin' wherever he might find an infestation of survivors, and weaken them until the time is right for elimination. (toxin has a range of 0 to 100 which reduces at a rate of 5 every 2 seconds, starting 10 seconds after no new toxin stack has been applied)

Flush out: Uses your gas canister to spray noxious gases in a cone, dealing slow amounts of 'toxin' progress over time. If the survivor has reached full toxin, this gas hinders the survivor until injured or their toxin goes below 95. In addition, survivors under this effect must wait 20 seconds before toxin stacks begin to reduce.

Exterminate: Throws a canister to detonate a short time after landing where it releases a burst cloud of gas, dealing high amounts of toxin progress over a short amount of time in a small area, but granting a survivor a speed boost without injuring them if they are healthy. If they are at max toxin, then they are injured if healthy, and put in the broken state if injured. If broken, the state lasts until they get down to 20 toxin or are put in the dying state. When broken from this power, the progress of reducing toxin is decreased to a rate of 5 every 4 seconds.

The killer must wait 15 seconds between using either Flush Out or Exterminate, both sharing the cooldown.

Addon ideas

Pin: The exterminate projectile takes longer to detonate after landing, but puts injured survivors into deep wounds if they are at 90 toxin or greater.

Helium balloon: Flush out no longer sprays a stream of toxin, instead it creates a static 16 meter cloud of toxin gas that deals toxin progress at double the rate.

Pressure Valve: Flush out's stream of toxin is increased in length, but reduced in width (with helium baloon, it reduces the cloud to 8 meters, but increases to toxin progress to 75% of the normal rate)

Compact Casing: Exterminate's cloud is doubled in area, but halved in toxin progress dealt.

Tell me what you think so far!


  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    I honestly don't really like it, its too similar to clown. Its not how I would write a concept like this either.

  • WeaverReaver42
    WeaverReaver42 Member Posts: 210

    That's fair enough. If I might ask, what would you do with this concept? I'd be interested in hearing other ideas!

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    This is what I had in mind, I took inspiration from WW1 gas warfare.


    8 gas masks are located around the map which survivors can find and use. When using it will cleanse the effects of toxic gas and slowly build survivors oxygen meter back up, this can only replenish 50% worth of oxygen and is automatically destroyed after 30s. 

    PASSIVE: asphyxiation

    Survivors start the trial with the oxygen bar. Survivors who come into contact with the toxic gas will slowly deplete this bar.

    Upon reaching below 75% the survivors will be affected with the suffocation status effect. Survivors can passively gain oxygen back by staying out of toxic gas.


    Survivors gain suffocation when they reach 75% oxygen and can only gain the negative effects if they are in the toxic gas. Upon leaving the gas the effects persist for 15s

    75%-50%: Survivors will loudly wheeze, cough and gasp for air. 

    50%-25%: Survivors lack of oxygen will affect their awareness of the environment. 

    25%-0%: Survivors can't heal other survivors or use exhaustion perks. The survivor will become suffocated if they reach 0%, once it has been reached they have 10s to find air or they will be put into the dying state.


    At the start of the trial 4 bombs are randomly places on walls and 4 are in your inventory. When going up to an already placed proximity bomb you can toggle to pick it up. Hold the active ability button to charge a throw. Once released depending on how much you charged it will travel through the air until it collides with a surface where it will stick too. Survivors who come into contact with them will make them explode releasing toxic gas. 


    Hold the active ability button for three seconds to activate. You pull out a lighter which you try to light, when in toxic gas made by one of your bombs light the gas into a flaming inferno. Survivors caught within the gas will lose a healthstate, the killer will be stunned for 2 seconds and will become hindred for 5s.


    When the secondary gauge is full toxic storm will automatically activate. A huge mist of toxic gas will spread throughout the trial for a limited amount of time after it ends it fades away and goes on cool-down.

  • WeaverReaver42
    WeaverReaver42 Member Posts: 210

    I have a problem with the bombs. a part of why trapper is bad is because of his need to collect his power which is spread out randomly, another part is the fact it relies on survivors to trigger it to do anything. The wall thing could cause a similar situation. That combined with how few you have makes me feel like you would have to rely on toxic storm for the most part. Not to mention that incinerate would essentially remove an instance of your power from the match permanently.

    I also think there might need to be more specification on how the 50%- 25% effect works. Would it be like dredge's nightfall, or something else entirely?

    Either way, this sounds like it would be hard to balance and would be stuck at either too strong or too weak.