LEFT 4 DEAD: THE ULTIMATE-ish Chapter Concept

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New Killer: The Tank; an unstoppable force that makes any Left 4 Dead player wanna run from their monitors.

Killer Power: Persistent Powerhouse; The Tank is able to smack Survivors around like they're his property. By holding and letting go of (This Button), you can smack Survivors, launching them through the air. Any collision with a random barrier and another Survivor will cause damage. If there aren't any, then the Survivor still takes damage regardless (This is Tank, not Wesker. It's Tankin Time!!! Cringe aside, continue reading...)

Special Power: In-Coming Projectile: By holding (This button), The Tank is able to use his Hercules like strength to live a boulder and then by letting it go, he throws it into the air, allowing it to land gracefully on the Survivor's skull, putting them into the Dying State instantly.

ENEMY: The Jockey (In case there's potential use for him. Might break the game though. More than likely this could be an addon. Maybe for each addon there'll be different Infected.): The Jockey can roam around the map when it spawns. When it spots a someone, Survivor will listen for the sounds of laughter. When it the sound is clearer, he's close. And when the Jockey catches you, it will proceed to ride you like a pony. Survivors are incapacitated while giving Jockey piggyback rides. This basically works similar to Victor, but he takes 30 seconds more or less to respawn, and he's slightly faster.

Privilege: BIGGER Breakable Walls; I mean, look at all that beef! How do you expect him to fit through a doorway, let alone a window vault? (It'd help bring BIGGER killers like Tank into the game... Like Lady D.)

Memento Mori: The Tank gives the Survivor their no-no spanky spanks, by gracefully giving them love taps in their head and torso. And then he gives them an upsy-daisy, launching them high above the clouds, but forgets to catch them, and they fall to their death crib.

The Tank has Three New Perks:

Left For Dead (I know, lazy...); Each time a Survivor is Killed or Sacrificed, you earn a Token. You gain a 2% Haste effect, up to 6% for the remainder of the trial. If one Survivor remains within the trial, The Hatch is revealed to you for 4 seconds. If it's the Obsession, you see The Hatch for 8 seconds.

End of The Road; Survivors that stun or blind the Killer in a chase gain Killer Instinct for 8/9/10 seconds. Survivors are highlighted in read.

Hex: Change of Plans; Survivors Perks are mixed and matched every 60/40/30 seconds. Any Survivor that brings the same Perk or less than 4, theirs will be blank in some areas. The Perks are reset when the Hex is cleansed.

New Survivor: Zoey

Zoey has Three New Perks:

Item: Fire Starter; Whenever you successfully stun a killer, you gain a Token, up to 3 Tokens. After obtaining 3 Tokens, enter a Locker to craft and obtain a Molotov Cocktail. Throwing anywhere creates a pool of flames up to that spread up to 4 Meters. Killers caught in the flame get stunned every 2/1/0.5 seconds. Survivors caught in the flames immediately back away. (One flaw, it might mess with the audio a bit. Because of the length of the stun lines.)

Not On Your Life!; Once on Death Hook, if you are the Obsession, can press the active ability button to counter any Killer Power. This can instantly complete the process of any Killer contraption consuming it instantly, or deflect unique Killer effects for 5/6/7 seconds. Afterwards, you become Broken for 120 seconds, and this Perk is consumed for the remainder of the trial. Decreases your chances of being the Obsession.

Teamwork: Determination; Cooperating with other Survivors decreases the sounds of Generator repair by 25/30/35% of the base 10 meters you hear a Generator. Stacks an extra 5% for each Survivor who hadn't equipped Teamwork: Determination.

New Survivor: Ellis

Ellis has Three New Perks:

Item: Official Instruction; After fully repairing a Generator 3/2/1 times, you can enter a Locker to craft and obtain a Pipe Bomb. Throwing this gives off a loud noise notification 2 times and them a third time when it detonates. It has a 3 second detonation, and a 4-meter blast radius. The Killer and Perk User gains an indication from its beeping. Stunning the Killer for 7 seconds. You can only craft this once, and you have to be on Death Hook to fully activate it. Survivors caught in the blast back away.

Item: Adrenaline Shot: You can find an Adrenaline Shot within any chest of the map, but only 1 chest will contain it. Each time you open a chest, your Aura is revealed within 64/32/24 meters of the Killer's view for 10 seconds. Taking the Adrenaline Shot will remove the Exhaustion Status Effect after 10 seconds.

Teamwork: Friendly Hand; After picking up a Survivor from the Dying State, you and that Survivor gain the Haste Effect for 3/4/5 seconds. This has no cooldown, but your Aura is revealed for 3 seconds.


NO MERCY - The Alleyways/Apartment

DEAD CENTER - The Mall or The Motel.


Legendary Sets for William "Bill" Overbeck:



Legendary Sets for Ellis:



Legendary Set (1) for Zoey:



1 SET for The Tank (It's not much, but I bet seeing a flaming Tank run at you would be terrifying):

Survivor Cosmetics (Might be a stretch, but just think about it. Go back to the Legendaries to compare them.):

Felix Richter as... NICK

Adam Francis as... COACH

Renato Lyra (or Tapp) as... LOUIS

Killer Cosmetics (Okay, maybe don't think as much...):

Deathslinger as... The SMOKER (Because they both reel in their victims.)

Legion as... The HUNTER (Because they're both quick AND wear hoodies.)

Clown as... The BOOMER (Because they're both fat and gassy.)

Hillbilly as... The CHARGER (Because they both charge at people, and his arm would be a unique weapon.):

Spirit (or Hag) as... The WITCH (I don't think I have to explain much, cause there's not a lot.):

Plague as... The SPITTER (Because they both puke a lot.):

JOCKEY, well, he could be a Blight skin, or a Torso cosmetic for Twins. I'm not sure what else to do with him. Adding him with Tanks power would probably break the game.

Left 4 Dead Weapons for Killers:

HIllbilly: The Electric Guitar

Nurse: The Frying Pan (Just imagine Nurse's second Mori in NetEase... She'll use you for her eggs...)

Deathslinger: The Pitchfork (It can be built in...)

Doctor: The Shovel

Huntress (Or Wraith): The Fireaxe

Legion: The Combat Knife (Which I bet not a lot of people use. This could go with the Hunter skin.)

Oni (or Spirit): Of Course, The Katana

Wraith: The Crowbar

Blight: The Golf Club

Trickster: The Cricket Bat