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I'm bored, here's 3 random perks about surviving and escaping the inevitable

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It can't end like this; you won't let it.

After being chased for 120/105/90 seconds (all up) this perk activates. When you would be sacrificed to the entity on the hook, you instead face multiple skillchecks (like merciless storm) that get faster and faster. Failing a skillcheck will end in a successful sacrifice. The perk deactivates permanetly upon being rescued.

"It doesn't matter what happens, keep fighting. There's always a way out." -Unknown

Lead by Example

During the darkest hours, resolve will shine through.

After taking a protection hit that results in saving a survivor, this perk activates. When you or them are grabbed by the killer, gain an immediate 25/30/35% bonus to wiggle progression. The perk then deactivates.

"If you lead by example, you and your friends will be more cohesive and understand what to do." -Unknown

Against the Clock

It hurts, but you know what comes next is worse.

After saving a survivor from a hook,. this perk activates. The next time you would enter the dying state, the damage is delayed by 15/20/25 seconds. After time runs out, you enter the dying state, regardless of other perks or items. Taking damage again during that time puts you into the dying state. The perk deactivates after being hooked for the rest of the trial.

"I'm bleeding ######### everywhere alright, but I refuse to do it for their amusement." -Unknown