Disconnect Penalties


There are those that disconnect intentionally, which sends you to the endgame chat and unable to see the Killer's perks.

However, when my network decides to drop me - I get sent to the endgame chat, completely capable of seeing the Killers perks.

If the game can register me in a fashion that allows me to see the perks of the Killer at endgame chat, it should be able to register as to whether or not I clicked LEAVE GAME as well. Its highly unpleasant to have a penalty when the disconnect wasnt by choice.

Consider setting up a method that doesnt penalize those who get booted from the game without their consent or choice.


  • bearr_trap
    bearr_trap Member Posts: 120

    Im coming back to this after a brief break of sorts, played a match or two a day. Just finished playing a match - the game closes. Completely closes out, not a disconnect not an ALT F4 -- but closes on me. After a few days of no problems there shouldn't be a 15 minute match making penalty. If perks can get an overhaul and reworked then the system that registers and labels the penalties can too.