Saw Chapter 2: The Game Master

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Detective Hoffman: The Game Master

As he reached out, in denial of his fate. He screamed at the top of his lungs with hatred as his game came to an end. Chained to his hell that was binded to John's legacy, a prison meant for Gordan is now his. Hoffman's trail of trials was over. The games that he has grown addicted to are now no longer his legacy, rather they are now eternally John's and Amanda's. The cold black room was surely the end, the still air of misery was suffocating… Until he felt a breeze, he started to see a fog, illuminated by a distant campfire with tattered people around it. Though his vision was obscured by a mask he seemed to be wearing, in a panic he started feeling his face, feeling its surface to identify the familiar shape of the old Pig masked he dawned. He shuffled himself around on the ground to gather his surroundings, to his surprise, he was no longer chained to the room. No longer bound by the rules.

Power: John’s Legacy

Terror Radius: Base 5m, grows by 10m for each injured/dead survivor.

Passives: Your blade contains toxins that slow down survivors the longer they go unhealed. When a survivor becomes injured they receive a 10% debuff to repairs or opening exit gates. If a survivor goes unhealed for 2 minutes they suffer from 15% hindered status effect and mangled status effect.

Ability 1: You can put a reverse bear trap on a downed survivor. You start the trial with 4 RBT (modern model Saw 6)

Ability 2: You can trap vaults and lockers to injure survivors when they interact with them. Survivors cannot interact with trapped vaults or lockers. Once triggered, you must reactivate the trap. By default it takes 1 Second to set and reset traps.


Brown - Interlocking Razor: Failing a Skill Check at Jigsaw Boxes will apply Deep Wound status effect to Injured survivors

Brown - Inferior Scalpel: Your traps can no longer put survivors into the downed state. Survivors will instead be applied Deep Wound.

Brown - Extra Rod: You set traps 0.3 seconds quicker.

Brown - Simple Assembly: You reset traps 0.2 seconds quicker.

Gold - Extra Spring: you set traps 0.5 seconds faster.

Gold - Razor Wires: Failed Skill Check at Jigsaw Boxes will injure Healthy Survivors. Increases difficulty of Skill Checks by +20%.

Gold - Modified Assembly: you reset traps 0.4 seconds faster.

Gold - Nerve Agent Formula: Survivors injured by your traps suffer from 5% Hindered for 3 seconds.

Gold - Fixed Gear: You cannot reactivate your traps on vaults or lockers. When a trap is activated, it will reset itself after 4 minutes. If activated a second time the trap is permanently disabled.

Green - Utility Blades: Survivors caught in RBT suffer from the Haemorrhage and Mangled Status Effect.

Green - Chloroform Rag: Survivors caught in a RBT suffer from the Blindness and Exhausted Status Effect.

Green - Empty Tape Recorder: With each successful attempt to remove the RBT, another Jigsaw box Aura is removed from the afflicted survivor. This effect persists if the survivor receives another RBT.

Green - Jigsaw’s Annotated Plan: Increases available RBT by 1. Each time a Generator is completed, the Death Timer of all active RBT is reduced by -10 seconds. Increases the default Death Timer duration by +10 seconds.

Green - Bag of Gears: Increases the Attaching speed of RBT by +50%. Decreases the search speed of Jigsaw Boxes by -14%.

Purple - Crate of Gears: Increases the Attaching speed of RBT by +50%. Decreases the Search speed of Jigsaw Boxes by -25%.

Purple - Jigsaw’s Sketch: Increases available RBT by 1. Whenever a Survivor wearing a RBT is repairing a Generator, that Generator’s Aura is highlighted to you.

Purple - Tampered Timer: Reduces the default Death Timer of RBT by -20 seconds.

Purple - Hoffman’s Tape: Whenever a Survivor completes a Skill Check on a Jigsaw Box, you gain a +4% Haste for 5 seconds.

Iridescent - Recovered Evidence Tape: Your base Terror Radius is changed to 45m and lower by 10m for each injured/dead survivor.

Iridescent - Glass Coffin: You become Obsessed with one survivor. Reduces available RBT by -2 Traps and you cannot reset traps on vaults and lockers. When your Obsession removes a RBT from themselves, you gain the ability to Kill them by your own hands.


Lament: Whenever you injure a healthy Survivor, every other survivor outside of your Terror Radius screams and suffers from the Blindness status effect for 35/40/45 seconds.

Rigged Game: When your Obsession is injured with a basic attack, you gain a token. When you damage a generator, all tokens are consumed and it will regress by 5%/10%/15% per token consumed.

Higher Priority: When you receive Bloodrush, auras of other survivors not in chase are revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds.


  • Cynwale
    Cynwale Member Posts: 205

    I want these perks so much, the addons doesn't look really interesting tho.

    But yeah Hoffman is still Saw GOAT, I hope they add him one day.

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    Arguably I think his secondary power would be a good update for pig. I don't see him enter the game with this current power as him having the RVBTs makes it kinda lazy and he should have something else. God knows there are so many other traps you could incorporate into a main ability.

  • YukonBlue
    YukonBlue Member Posts: 24

    I really like being able to trap vault locations, you could trap an entire corner and chase all survivors into your web kind of like hag and trapper.

    Rigged Game as well is really nice if used with STBFL because if they get in your way, you can just kick a generator harder.

    Pretty solid, well thought out. I feel the RBTs are a little too much, if they were removed from the power and added to the mori or a special mori, say triggering too many vault traps, I could see it being less clunky to use.

  • Piepie
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    Hoffman is a no-brainer if you ask me. Always thought they'd add Jigsaw himself though. Could work as a Legendary. What I personally want is some sort of skin that turns Amanda or this hypothetical Hoffman into Billy. Y'know, the puppet.