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Killer concept: The Angel

tristenbennett381 Member Posts: 117
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Killer: The Angel

Speed: 110%

Height: Average

Difficulty: Hard

Story: Ezekiel once a loyal angel to the gods above turned to a deviant of the skies after indulging on the wine of eternity in the waterfalls of Heaven which has been forbidden since the beginning of time. As a result he was vanquished by his fellow angels for falling to his sinful desires, his wings torn off his body and he was thrown into the pits of the underworld. As his skin was flaking in the pits of hell, his immortal soul preventing him from dying in peace for he is already in the non-physical realm, Hazekial came up with a devilish plan. He brutalized the demonic deities that considered Hell their home and skinned them of their skin and bone, forging a new payer of artificial wings with intention of flying out of Hell and living in the outskirts of the kingdom of prosperity where no angels shall hurt him. Sadly Ezekiel’s wings began burning in Hells atmosphere causing him to fall right back where his former friends intended him to be, but before he could hit the ground he was consumed by a black fog and encountered an eldritch being known as The Entity which promised Ezekiel that if he worked for it someday he’d be payed with freedom.

Power: Damned Wings

There is one forging station in a random location on the map that is highlighted at all times, interact with it to charge up your wing condition to fix it. You can hold down the power button while standing in place to liftoff into the air and start flying, your flying speed will start off at 110% by default accelerating until it reaches a maximum flight velocity which depends on the wings condition. Your wings actively wither the more time progresses reducing speed and liftoff time, until the wings are completely unusable. Crashing into the environment causes you to get stunned, crashing into survivors injures them. It takes 10 seconds to fully recover broken wings on a forging table.

Perfected Wings: You fly at 260% movement speed and take 1 second to launch off.

Dulled Wings: You fly at 240% movement speed and take 2 seconds to launch off.

Scratched wings: You fly at 220% movement speed and take 3 seconds to launch off.

Chipped wings: You fly at 200% movement speed and take 3.5 seconds to launch off.

Damaged wings: You fly at 180% movement speed and take 4 seconds to launch off.

Severed Wings: You fly at 120% movement speed and take 5 seconds to launch off.

Destroyed wings: Unusable



Common Addon: Bone nail

Adds 2% to flying movement speed, does not stack.

Common Addon: Skin scrap

Decreases environment crash stuns by 0.5 seconds.

Uncommon Addon: Demon ear

All survivors in your terror radius are revealed for 1 second after landing successfully.

Uncommon Addon: Demonic Tooth

Survivors gain the broken status effect for 30 seconds after crashing into them.

Rare Addon: Horn

You move 6% faster after landing for 5 seconds.

Rare Addon: Burnt String

Survivor receives hindered and exhausted status effect while preparing for liftoff.

Ultra Rare Addon: Angel Feather

Causes you to permanently become undetectable while flying.

Ultra Rare addon: Golden Wings

All survivors become highlighted for the first fly in the match, this addon is permanently deactivated after wings have been broken for the first time.



Appearance: A scarred angel with empty sockets for eyes glowing like an inferno, covered in ancient armory with artificial wings made of dried skin and bone from demons.

Weapon: Dagger

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  • HugTechLover
    HugTechLover Member Posts: 2,482

    How would this work in indoor maps?

  • tristenbennett381
    tristenbennett381 Member Posts: 117

    Gliding, You’d have to be really careful though cuz there’d be so many opportunities to insta break wings.

  • whimsigoth_angel
    whimsigoth_angel Member Posts: 14

    creative idea! it may have some trouble on indoor maps and being able to have a birds eye view over the map will be very strong but i do like this concept and its good to see people passionate enough about this game to come up with their own material !

  • tristenbennett381
    tristenbennett381 Member Posts: 117

    Thank you, I tried my hardest to make a balanced flying killer. Do you have any criticism on how to make this power better fit the game?

    (I intended that this killer could still glide around in indoor maps but the obstacles could really ware it down)

  • GannTM
    GannTM Member Posts: 10,849

    Bone Nail seems really good for a brown add on.

  • Critical_Fish
    Critical_Fish Member Posts: 615
    edited May 2023

    This is indeed one of the concepts of all time. It's interesting, but difficult to work with because of just how much freedom this gives the Killer, especially at the speed you've allowed them to fly at.

    Some missing aspects of the power:

    • The way the forging works is never mentioned. How long does it take to forge new wings? Where is it allowed to spawn?
    • The time it takes for wings to degrade is never mentioned. How long does it take for this to occur?
    • Landing mechanics are never mentioned.
    • Hit cooldown when crashing into a Survivor is never mentioned.
    • The actual feel or mechanics of flying are never mentioned; is it basically walking with a reduced turn radius and the ability to walk upwards?

    Some issues with the design of the power itself:

    • There is no penalty for starting to take off. This makes it practically impossible for Survivors to interact with you, and makes this Killer entirely brainless as you can just... stop taking off at any time with no penalty to your speed, potentially getting free hits. I'd say the Angel should be unable to move while taking off.
    • There is no acceleration mechanic, meaning you immediately go from 110% speed to 260% speed, which would make for an incredibly high skill floor that makes this Killer almost impossible for those who don't invest dozens of hours to play with any efficacy. Sure, the Nurse exists, but at least there's an add-on that helps with this curve. Perhaps the Angel starts at 110% speed for all wings while in flight, but progresses over a few seconds to max speed?
    • Having wings break as easily as getting hit by a pallet or stunned by a flash grenade isn't good design, as it encourages the most passive gameplay for all sides (camping at pallets or not committing to chases, respectively). It encourages Survivors to run perks that aren't nearly worth it against other Killers as well, such as Blast Mine. I'd remove wings breaking from these factors entirely.
    • This Killer has an insta-down with no commitment whatsoever... for some reason. I'd remove the grab mechanic entirely, flying is more than enough of a powerful ability to justify having no "chase power".
    • The Rare add-ons and up are all very very strong for no discernible reason. Horn makes the Angel a 145% speed Killer on foot, or a 290% speed Killer in the air, which is ridiculous even for 3 seconds. Burnt String makes all chases 0 commitment as you can just... fly away at the same speed Billy moves while using his chainsaw (or faster), with no time taken to do so. Angel Feather is sort of like one of Hillbilly's add-ons, but Hillbilly's saw makes a ton of noise, and his takes a significant period of time to activate. Angel Feather has neither of these drawbacks. Golden Wings are funny but you'd be unable to see anything with hooks highlighted by this add-on. Also, the Killer can already see generator auras, so that aspect of the perk does nothing.

    Are perks or more add-ons planned to be added?

  • tristenbennett381
    tristenbennett381 Member Posts: 117

    Wow thanks for this criticism, it is very helpful!

    I’m not sure how I’d describe this in the Powers’s description but flying would work like the Elytra in Minecraft except you have unlimited flying momentum, well until the wings break at least. So you’d glide around face first.

    The forging table would just be in a random location on the map, it wouldn’t be much different from a survivor working on a generator aside from a unique animation.

    I will continue to tweak this idea

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    I don't really get angel vibes from this concept to be perfectly honest, An angels wings are distinct to their holy attire and i feel as if it shouldnt really be the power. The only thing i think of when i see this concept is a revamp of Icarus. For context in case you do not know who icarus is he is a biblical figure whos father made him angelic wings to escape someone. However Icarus arrogance of wanting to fly higher to heaven, caused the sun to break his wings (The material melted) and he fell to his death. The power in itself is a good concept and with a bit of balancing it can be very good. Such as the takeoff the higher the speed the longer the liftoff time vice versa.

  • tristenbennett381
    tristenbennett381 Member Posts: 117

    Yeah I got inspiration from Icarus, if you dislike the idea for the design what would you recommend the killer to be instead of an Angel?

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    I don't dislike the design necessarily its just i don't think this killer power suits an angel per say. For what it could be instead you could implement an icarus type figure. In my head I though of a name called THE FAITHFUL.

    with a short backstory would be that this figure was overly religious with their christian faith who himself thought he was an actual angel and wanted to do gods will to cleanse the world of sin. After murdering many people he deemed sin itself his actions caught up with him. A divine light shined upon him making him think GOD was in fact in support of his actions. IN fact it was a police helicopter, he was shot by armed police upon following him after his latest crime. He crawled to a nearby church and locked the doors, he prayed for God's help and a voice whispreed to him telling him that he can serve god in his own realm all he had to do was agree. He accpeted the proposition, a dark cloud engluthed him and the police barged through the doors of the church with the christian no where in sight.

    That way it incorporates your angel like power.

    Your backstory for your angel however is still really good and I would suggest keeping it if you decide to do another angel killer concept.