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Dbd ideas

Mayze Member Posts: 1
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My name is Maze… Okay here goes nothing I have this idea about a new killer we should call her Val short for valentine she should have red hair and a heart shaped hammer or really long red nails like she rips the survivors apart and collects their hearts and puts them in jars some of her perks can be called lure, seduction , and star struck and I also have another killer that should be called vamp he’s a vampire where he drains them of blood and I think there should be a new dbd chapter called the survivors revenge where the survivors can sacrifice the killers to cuz it’s time to fight back right and like there should be a book or something idk that unlocks wen 3 generators are repaired and then the entity comes out like a hand snatches the killer and says you have failed then puts them on the hook then all the doors open like there could be a trial period to test this out to see if other people like it like it’s bout time they get thrown on a hook to

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