"Game version is invalid" bug PS5

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Title says all needed. The game doesn't let in at all. Worked fine about 12hrs ago. In loading screen I'm given this notification. I have updated the software, restarted console etc. Pls fix.

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The issue has been solved.


  • Equus
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    Same here for the steam version

  • Xaggy
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    I have the same problem on Steam

  • Galactic_Stars1
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    I had the same problem but on PS4. i thought maybe I updated it wrong. I was going to uninstall and reinstall the game to see if that fixes the problem

  • Nickdub0819
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    Same on ps5

  • Andrius
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    same here on pc

  • LapisInfernalis
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    I just got the same problem.

    My router restarted during the end game screen, the game saying it had a safe-game error and i should restart. I waited until my internet was back up again and then i got this:

    with that message popping up afterwards:

    Since I don't even have an NVIDIA card, I followed some posts here

    and deleted the file.

    It did not solve the problem, but removed the EAC complaint. I also checked the integrety of the files but it didn' work.

    Here is the log:

  • darkshadows8326
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    Same on Xbox Series S but a console restart fixed it.

  • Rizzo
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    Thank you everyone for reporting the issue, we are looking into it.

  • Rizzo
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    The issue should be fixed, you should be able to correctly access the game now.

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