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Chapter Concept: Clash of Blades

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Killer - The King

Killer Data


  • Guts and Glory
  • King's Command
  • Add-ons
  • Iridescent Add-ons


  • Bow Down
  • Dragon's Vault
  • Hex: Imperial Grasp

Survivor - Astrid Virtanen


  • Golden Eye
  • Masquerade
  • Nullify

The King

Killer Data

Overview: The King is a tyrannical Killer, who specializes in forcing his subjects to do as he says. His personal perks create impossible situations for his enemies.

Speed: 4.6 m/s (115%)

Terror Radius: 32 meters

Height: Tall

Primary Power: Guts and Glory

Holding the Power Button causes the King to raise his sword over his right shoulder. Lifting the sword over his shoulder takes 1 second, during which time he moves at 3.4 m/s, before his speed returning to 4.6 m/s over the course of another 2 seconds.

This can be canceled at any time by releasing the Power Button, in which case the King moves at 3 m/s for 1 second before returning to normal speed over the course of the next second. During that time, the King cannot perform any actions.

After the first second of holding the Power Button, the King is able to perform a special attack by clicking the Attack Button. This special attack sees the King turn before jumping into the air and bringing his sword down overhead, covering a maximum distance of 6 meters. He can jump over windows and pallets in this way. During this attack, the King can direct how far, and where, it goes by moving, albeit with a greatly increased turning radius after the first tenth of a second of the attack. The attack takes a total of 1.5 seconds to complete.

The King's sword covers a wide arc in front of him and to his sides when he lands, allowing him to hit multiple Survivors, but he cannot damage Survivors until he lands with this special attack. Survivors hit by this lose 1 health state. Further, if the sword hits a pallet when he lands, the pallet is destroyed immediately while still being able to damage Survivors in range.

If the King misses, and hits nothing, he can move at 2 m/s for 3 seconds as he recovers, before returning to normal speed, but cannot perform any actions during this time. This is also the case if he hits a pallet. Hitting a Survivor increases this cooldown time by 0.75 seconds per Survivor hit.

Secondary Power: King's Command

King's Command has 1 charge at the start of the Trial, and gains 1 charge every 80 seconds (max. 2).

Holding the Active Ability Button highlights all unblocked generators white, and slows the King to 3.4 m/s for as long as it's held. Looking at a generator highlights it red, and clicking the Power Button while a generator is highlighted red calls upon the Entity to block it for 30 seconds. If a Survivor was repairing that generator when it was blocked, they become Exposed for 30 seconds.

For 1 second after blocking a generator using this power, the King moves at 3 m/s, before gradually returning to 4.6 m/s over the next second.

You cannot block the same generator twice in a row with King's Command.

Add-ons include:

  • Survivors that are Exposed by King's Command are Exposed for 5/10 seconds longer.
  • When a generator is blocked by King's Command, all Survivors within 12 meters of the generator have their auras revealed for 10 seconds.
  • If 2 or more Survivors are repairing a generator when it is blocked by King's Command, both are Incapacitated for 20 seconds.
  • Survivors hit by Guts and Glory's special attack are Mangled and Hemorrhaging until healed.
  • While using King's Command, the King is Undetectable. This lasts for 10 seconds after the King is no longer using King's Command.
  • If a Survivor fails a skill check while repairing a generator in the King's terror radius, the King regains 1 charge of King's Command. Reduces the number of charges King's Command has by 1.
  • Lengthens the flexible period (time of an unchanged turn radius) of Guts and Glory by 0.05/0.1/0.15 seconds.

Iridescent Add-ons

Sword of Legend

Your father's sword, perfectly recreated in the fog. While you couldn't wield it in life, things are different here.

Guts and Glory takes an additional 0.5 seconds to be able to be used. After concluding Guts and Glory, the King can tap the Attack Button again to attack with a lunge covering up to 4 meters, with full maneuverability. This attack has all of the same properties as Guts and Glory's sword swing. This doubles the cooldown of the attack whether it hits a Survivor, or misses, but enables Guts and Glory to hit a healthy Survivor twice, and thus down them immediately.

Iridescent Medallion

A medal handed out to any member of the rebellion, recreated by the fog to evoke your rage.

While a generator is blocked by King's Command, all Dull and Hex Totems within 32 meters of that generator are blocked by the Entity.


Bow Down

Your presence bears down on all who're near. It demands respect.

When you deal damage to a Survivor, all other Survivors who are repairing a generator, healing, or cleansing a Totem in your terror radius have the speed at which they do so reduced by 50% for the next 8/10/12 seconds.

Dragon's Vault

Your greed is impenetrable.

When you damage a generator, all of your Hex Totems are blocked by the Entity for 25 seconds.

This has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

Hex: Imperial Grasp

Anywhere within these walls is your empire. Yours, and no one else's.

When you hook a Survivor for their first time, this perk gains 1 Token.

When you deal damage to a healthy Survivor, all generators regress by 2/3/4% for each Token on this perk.

All effects of the Hex Perk persist until its Hex Totem is cleansed or blessed.

"This is my kingdom, and you dare believe yourself to have the power to decide what I do with it?"

Astrid Virtanen

Overview: Deceitful and unempathetic, Astrid is a cruel but efficient teammate. His perks give him the tools to deceive his pursuers and provide his teammates with imperative information.

Golden Eye

The first time you perform a loud action each chase, the Killer gets another loud noise notification at the next closest potential source of a loud noise 2 seconds afterwards. Each time this occurs, all Survivors can see the Killer's aura for 3/4/5 seconds.

When you are the Obsession, this occurs for your first two loud actions each chase, rather than just the first.

Increases the odds of becoming the initial Obsession of the Killer by 100%.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

"Eyes on the prize, right?"


You have the uncanny ability to appear as others.

When you unhook another Survivor who will die the next time they are hooked, for the next 20 seconds, or until you take damage from the Killer, you appear as that other Survivor. If that Survivor is injured, you appear injured as they do. And if they heal, you appear to heal.

During those 20 seconds, if the Killer is chasing you, all other Survivors can see their aura.

At the end of those 20 seconds, you become the Obsession.

This has a cooldown of 120/110/100 seconds.


Your skills from your life outside the fog aren't traditionally applicable here, but at least something has come in quite handy.

If the Killer would see your aura while you're repairing a generator, your aura appears on a generator another random Survivor(s) is working on instead. That Survivor(s) gains a 15% repair speed bonus while your aura is shown on that generator (and is alerted that this perk is in effect).

This has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

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  • Z0mbiv0r
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    Damn, this is a good concept I would really like to see made. I'm no pro and I still have much to learn but I think it's balanced and interesting. Great work! Can't say much other than I really liked it.

  • Critical_Fish
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    Changelog (all changes suggested by @Scarybubblegum):

    • Reduced generator block time by Command, as well as the duration of its Exposed, to 30 seconds (previously 45).
      • In 1-gen scenarios, Command would become overly oppressive if it lasted so long. Further, the King doesn't need such strong game delay because of his already strong anti-loop with Guts and Glory.
    • Reduced duration of Dragon's Vault to 25 seconds (previously 30).
      • To make it so the Killer has less leeway to perma-block Totems, as now they have a measly 1 second to combat a Survivor who's properly committed to destroying a Hex, which forces the Killer to have as much commitment as the Survivor in order to protect their Totems.
    • Reduced the regression of Imperial Grasp to 3/4/5% per Token (previously 6/7/8%).
      • To prevent the Killer from being able to effectively reset upwards of 46 seconds of progress, if not more, just for hitting a Survivor, and to make the Killer have to work more for the same regression.