Survivor/Killer relations, how would they go, realistically?

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So we know the average killer & survivor can't exactly leave the Entity's Realm at will, and seldom knows how to do so.

And we know that it takes a lot for all the emotion, be it hope, fear or anger to be wrung out of someone in the Realm for them to be thrown into the void, so basically, safe to say that this ragtag group of misfits is stuck together long-term.

We've all wondered how Survivors would get along with each other and vice-versa, but what about Survivors and Killers? After a while, you'd think they'd EVENTUALLY start talking to each other... But how would that go? How would each survivor and killer deal with one another socially?


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    Here's an example. Freddy and The Legion (mainly Frank and Julie) would probably be really chatty with the survivors. Not in a respectful, "how's your day" way, mind you, but in a very demeaning, condescending and taunting manner, and most if not all survs would hate them and trash talk them to their faces, often resulting in violent chases.

    also i think I rhymed there, didn't mean it

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    if you want to ship killers and survivors, you can just go on tumblr or twitter.

    heres how it would go: the killers would attack the survivors and then put them on hooks until they die

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    In a theoretical situation, I think it's really complicated how different survivors and killers would interact. Say the Entity doesn't allow killing outsode of a trial, some discussions could be interesting and some not so much. For example:

    1. The Shape should be let nowhere near anyone. Regardless of the Entity, he'd jusy stare awkwardly at people amd maybe even somehow kill a survivor, inspite of the rules.

    2. The Trickster and Yun-Jin may reminise a bit. They're both rather nasty individuals with history. Granted, they wouldn't be chummy, but could have somw interesting discussions.

    3. If Pyramid Head saw James Sunderland, not even the Entity will be able to stop that slaughter.

    4. The Cenobite and Vittorio would actually be interesting conversationalists! Both with extensive knowledge of their perspective experiences and both quite philosophical. I also see Pinhead as eager to learn about this strange place so I could see those to having philosophical discussions.

    5. Jeff and the Artist won't talk, per say. But they may show interest in the art of the other and watch each other at work.

    6. Ash and the Nightmare will probably be wise-cracking and insulting each other in their own whacky ways. The Ghost Face and Bill may join in on this "fun".

    No romance though. It's not something that would happen between 2 opposing sides.

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    I didn't mention ships, just, y'know, character dynamics? Interaction?

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    Now this is what I'm talkin' about.

    Honestly, I can't help but agree here. Killers like The Shape/Myers wouldn't really be friendly with anyone, Killer OR Survivor. It's said that he practically let himself in the Fog, and doesn't exactly care if what he's doing coincides with what the Entity wants, he just wants to kill.

    I can see Rin/Spirit and Kazan/Oni having a feud between each other, Kazan being angry that his bloodline is likely not "pure" and Rin feeling angry at how her heritage has always been murderous and angry, and how she's a part of that now. Though perhaps, eventually, they'd start getting along, maybe even having a mentor/student relationship, though I don't think they would ever have a properly familial relationship.

    A popular one I see is Ghostface and The Legion, since one half is this notorious, methodical serial killer and the other, a bunch of fanboyish, edgy, young and impressionable murderer wanna-bes. It's likely that Frank & Julie already know and revere Ghostface, if anything.

    I can easily see Adam Francis, a teacher and a smart, well-meaning man, getting through to the younger survivors like Meg, Nea (that one might take some time), Laurie, Quentin, Cheryl and the Stranger Things duo. I can kinda see Min and Claud being part of this group of possible students too.

    The older folks like David, Bill, Ace, Ash and MAYBE Jeff would likely find some common ground, but the ones who would definitely have each other's backs are the law enforcers/soldiers. The afformentioned Bill and Tapp, Cybil Bennet, and nearly everyone from Resident Evil.

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    Additionally, everyone would obviously be all over Nicolas Cage. Maybe not Vittorio, who doesn't know who the hell Nic Cage is due to being from medieval times, but hey, that could potentially let them grow closer since it's likely stressful to try and make friends with someone who's starstruck at YOUR stardom.

    Two more headcanons here, Haddie Kaur and Mikaela Reid would get along really well, and The Legion would purposefully be nice to Jeff Johansen and let him off during trials since he helped make their mural. He would possibly not remember who they are, until they took off their masks. Then, everything would sink in, very slowly... Who knows what kinda reaction he would have? I imagine a bit of internal, and explicitly internal disgust, so Frank doesn't snap at him, lol

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    the only two that wouldn't work is nemesis and wesker (nem would recognize wes as a stars member)