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Chapter Concept: Malice and Judgement

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Killer: The Solitary

Base Speed: 110% (4.4 m/s)

Base Terror Radius: 40m

Height: Short


A scheming and ruthless killer, the Solitary instils great fear into her victims and uses it to her advantage. Using the supernatural methods her best friend taught her, the Solitary forces her victims to repent for their sins, tormenting them until they welcome her scissors. The Solitary is able to mask her presence from her prey, rendering her Undetectable at the start of the Trial. Undetectable fades when in a chase for 7 Seconds, or upon performing a successful Basic Attack/picking up a Survivor. Undetectable returns when the Solitary passes through a Remnant.

Remnant of Malice: Whenever a Survivor screams, a Remnant of Malice is left behind for 90 Seconds. Whenever a Remnant is created, any old Remnants in 16m are dispelled. Hitting a Survivor will cause them to scream (this scream cannot be negated by Calm Spirit). Survivors in 16m of a Remnant recieve a 30% penalty to Healing, Repairing and Cleansing speeds (does not stack with other nearby Remnants).

Malicious Rage: Triggered ability (takes 2 seconds to activate, reduces killer movement speed by 10% while activating) that instantly causes a Panic Attack - interrupts actions, causes the survivor to scream (this scream cannot be negated by Calm Spirit), inverts camera and Left/Right movement controls, and inflicts 10% Hinder on any survivor the killer can see for 2 seconds. Cooldown of 25 seconds.

Malicious Presence: Triggered ability (takes 3 seconds to activate, reduces killer movement speed by 40%) that allows the killer to teleport to any active Remnant of Malice, dispelling it, and granting 10% Haste for 3 seconds. Survivors in 24m can hear this. Cooldown of 40 seconds. 


Hex: Leadening Panic: A Hex rooting its power on fear. Delaying the inevitable weighs down your prey’s limbs. While in a chase, each time a survivor performs a vault or drops a pallet Leadening Panic receives a Token (max 10). While in chase, Survivored are Hindered (0.5/0.7/1% per token, stacks with other Hindered effects). 3 Tokens are consumed when a Survivor loses a Health State. The Hex persists as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

“No matter what you try, fate always catches up. No point fighting it." – Misaki Rhosyn

Voracious Strike: Delivering the appropriate judgement on the wicked takes practice and commitment. Removing a health state from a survivor generates a token (max 2). A Basic Attack on a healthy Survivor with 2 tokens consumes all tokens and inflicts Broken and 7% Hindered 50/70/90 seconds.

"Practice makes perfect." – Misaki Rhosyn

Baa Baa Blacksheep: You become obsessed with one survivor. When your Obsession performs a Co-op action or Altruistic action, other Survivors in 6m suffer a 10/20/30% penalty to Healing, Repair and Cleansing speeds for 30 seconds. When your Obsession is healed or unhooked by another Survivor, that Survivor becomes the new Obsession, and are Blinded for 20 seconds.

“I don’t know why, but they always shunned me. Now you will feel the same.” – Misaki Rhosyn



Safety Scissors – "A pair of school scissors. Misaki innocently used them to practice her cutting technique when she was younger, cutting out pretty paper shapes. "

Cannot teleport to Remnants. Malicious Presence reveals the Auras of Survivors in 16m of the target Remnant for 5 seconds (still grants Haste effect). Reduces the cooldown to 20 seconds. Gain 100% Bloodpoints in the Malicious category.

Small Whetstone – “A cheap tool for sharpening deadly blades.”

Survivors that Scream are Blinded for 30 seconds. 

Worn Running Shoes – “A thoroughly used pair of running shoes. Surprisingly comfy.”

Undetectable takes 7 extra seconds to fade in chase. 

Unsettling Drawing – “A basic drawing of otherworldly monsters, it oddly makes one nervous.”

Survivors that miss a Skill Check scream.


Pretty Bracelet – “A sweet birthday present from a lost friend. Enchanted with slight power."

Reduces the cooldown of Malicious Rage and Malicious Presence by 13%. 

Expensive Whetstone – “A pricy tool, perfect for honing blades to maximum sharpness.”

Survivors that Scream are Exhausted for 10 seconds. 

School Track Shoes – “Awarded for exemplary performance in the running team.”

Haste from Malicious Presence lasts 2 extra seconds. 

Concerning Drawing – “A drawing of a vicious fiend, instils an aura of malice somehow.”

When kicking a Generator, Survivors in 16m scream.

 Plastic Keyring – “A cheap keyring attached to Misaki’s trusty scissors.”

Increases the duration of Panic Attack by 0.7 seconds.


Handmade Bracelet – “A symbol of eternal friendship, a friendship Misaki still holds dear. May cause unexplainable phenomenon.”

Reduces the cooldown of Malicious Rage and Malicious Presence by 20%. 

Electric Sharpener – “Fast and efficient, it really creates that razor edge.”

Remnants of Malice block the nearest Window/undropped Pallet in 16m.

Hiking Shoes – “Nice, comfy shoes for many hours of walking.”

Increases Haste effect from Malicious Presence by +15%.

Intimidating Drawing – “A detailed sketch that emanates terror and fury.”

Teleporting to a Remnant makes Survivors in 16m scream.  

Cute Keyring – “A keyring of a cute character - somehow very uncomfortable to look at.”

Increases the duration of Panic Attack by 1 second.

Very Rare

Jewelled Bracelet – “A lovely bracelet once worn by Misaki’s dearest friend, valued above all else. Gifts great mystic ability.”

Using Malicious Presence leaves a Remnant at your previous location. Increases cooldown by 10 seconds.

Bespoke Trainers – “Made-to-fit shoes, perfect for chasing down the helpless.”

Grants 5% Haste when a Survivor Screams for 5 seconds. 

Terrifying Drawing – “A masterpiece that is physically painful to lay eyes upon.”

While not Undetectable, reveal the Auras of Survivors in 16m of Remnants. 

Spooky Keyring – “An ominous keyring of a of a spooky character, chills the viewer to the bone.”

If a Survivor passes 8m to a Remnant, the Remnant will slowly follow them until multiple Survivors are close, where it will stop (Survivors can only be followed by 1 Remnant at a time.)


Crimson Necklace – “Dipped in the blood of her victims, it shines with The Entity’s power. The fog seems to twist around it, hiding Misaki from her prey.”

Undetectable will not fade when chasing a Survivor, only when hitting a successful Basic Attack or when carrying a Survivor, and will return even if in a chase. Being in 16m of a Remnant increases movement speed by 10%. 

Crimson Keyring – “A glass keyring, formed from the fog itself, hangs from Misaki’s terrifying scissors. Even the softest touch of the blades brings unimaginable agony."

At the start of the Trial, a Remnant will spawn near all Generators. Remnants cause slow regression of unoccupied Generators, unoccupied Exit Gates and the progress of Healing when in 16m.

Noka Seren

Cowardly but indomitable, Noka shies away from confrontation but is obsessive with her objective. Her perks help her flee and avoid the killer while progressing her objectives.


Fixated Task

You must finish your objective, no matter what else happens. When Cleansing/Healing/Repairing/Opening Exit Gates, after completing 10% uninterrupted progress, this perk gains 1 Token (max 6/8/10). For each token, gain 5% boost in action speed for the action you are currently performing. Tokens are lost when you perform a different type of action.

"No no, just let me finish this quickly." - Noka Seren

Committed Avoidance

You're good at avoiding trouble. Quietens your footsteps by 50%. When in the Killer's Terror Radius, whenever the Killer attempts to read your Aura, your Aura is blocked from being read for the next 4/7/10 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

"Leave me alone please." - Noka Seren

Self Preservation

Its okay to run from danger. When you become Injured, become Exhausted and gain 7% Haste for 20/40/60 seconds, or until you are healed by any means. Exhausted lasts 30 seconds. Self Preservation cannot be used when Exhausted.

"I'm not dealing with that." - Noka Seren

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  • YukariTheAlpaca
    YukariTheAlpaca Member Posts: 179

    Passive Ability Opinion: So close to being a cool power, but that 4.4 m/s kills it. Inverted strafing controls are decent but once survivors adapt it will be easy to deal with, however, I do think a 4.4 m/s killer like this could work but with some changes. This killer also has way too much going on and may be too hard to balance with all of these tools, so I am going to write a change for this.

    Passive Ability Rewrite: Able to mask her presence from her prey, The Solitary begins the trial with the Undetectable status effect and loses it whenever they perform a Basic Attack. Damaging survivors by any means will cause them to scream in pain so loudly, that it can tear a hole through the realm itself.

    Whenever a Survivor takes damage, a Beacon of Malice is left behind for the next 60 seconds. Whenever a Beacon Of Malice is created, any other Beacons Of Malice within a 16 meter range are destroyed. Survivors can manually destroy a Beacon Of Malice by performing a channeled action (requires a total of 15 seconds uninterrupted) while standing next to it, but at the cost of giving The Solitary the Undetectable status effect until The Solitary performs a Basic Attack. Upon destroying a Beacon Of Malice, nearby survivors (within 4 meters of the Beacon Of Malice at the time of destruction) are revealed via Killer Instinct for 5 seconds. Survivors within a 16 meter range of a Beacon Of Malice can hear the cries of victims long past, causing them to lose focus and suffer a 30% penalty to Repairing and Healing speeds. The penalty from this ability cannot stack multiple times on the same survivor.

    Malicious Presence Opinion: This ability has the potential to give the killer some strength in chases, but first it needs to be changed in some way. If the killer is going to maintain pressure in chases, they need a way to catch up to fleeing victims.

    Malicious Presence Rewrite: Fueled by the agony of others, The Solitary can inflict mental trauma so strong it can physically debilitate those affected by her. Hold the Ability Button to activate (activation is 1.25 seconds long) a channeled beam of Malicious Energy (18 meter range) that reduces the movement speed of survivors it is touching by 25% (-1.0 m/s) and has lingering effects for 1.5 seconds after not being touched by it. While activating the beam, The Solitary's movement speed is reduced by 50% (-2.0 m/s), and while continuing to channel the beam, The Solitary suffers from a movement speed penalty of 10% (-0.4 m/s) until the beam is deactivated (deactivation is performed by releasing the Ability Button and requires a cooldown time of 2 seconds before The Solitary's movement speed returns to normal).

    Malicious Rage Opinion: The teleport is cool but is too oppressive if the killer already has stall in their kit, so the teleport was removed.

    Malicious Rage Rewrite: Removed.