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Fanmade Chapter: Ride of the Dammed

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Chapter:  Ride of the Dammed

Description: Step aboard a haunted locomotive as the macabre story of the train killer unfolds. Face your fears as you navigate through ghostly train cars and dark tunnels in this chilling chapter.

New Killer:  The Conductor (Locomotive Driver), Kieran Blackwood

Killer’s Lore: Kieran Blackwood was once a respected conductor of a long-abandoned ghost train, Kieran met a tragic end when the train derailed, taking the lives of all its passengers. Bound to the train in death, the Conductor now seeks vengeance against those who disturb his eternal journey.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Terror Radius: 32 meters

Height: Tall

Movement Speed: 4.6 meters/second

New Map:  External Express

The External Express is a deadly entity that lurks within the train tracks, known to the survivors as the Conductor. Once a respected train conductor named Kieran Blackwood, he met a tragic end during a catastrophic train accident. As the wreckage and flames consumed his body, a malevolent force intermingled with his essence, transforming him into an otherworldly being. He haunts the railway lines, seeking vengeance for the lives lost in the accident. Bound to the trains themselves, he roams the tracks relentlessly, ensuring that no one escapes his wrath. His once loyal demeanor has been twisted into a sadistic desire to punish those who dare to trespass in his domain.

Killer’s Power: Spectral Chains

The Conductor possesses the ability to summon spectral chains that extend from his hands. He can use these chains to attack survivors or interact with objects within his reach. The chains can also be used to traverse the environment, allowing the Conductor to quickly navigate the train and its surroundings.

The Conductor's spectral chains are an integral part of his power, known as "Phantom Bindings." These ethereal chains are not physical in nature but represent the Conductor's ability to manipulate the very essence of the railway lines and bind his victims to their fate.

When activated, the Conductor extends his spectral chains towards a survivor within range, ensnaring them in a grip that defies the laws of reality. These chains emit an eerie blue glow, symbolizing the otherworldly power coursing through them.

Unlike traditional chains, the Phantom Bindings do not physically restrict movement. Instead, they exert a spectral influence over the survivor, altering their perception and imposing a sense of confinement and despair. The chains create an oppressive atmosphere, making it more challenging for survivors to navigate their surroundings and escape the Conductor's clutches. (Similar to Clown's Afterpiece Tonic impairing the survivor's vision).

While ensnared by the Phantom Bindings, survivors experience a distortion of reality, with their senses playing tricks on them. The world becomes disorienting, and their movements become slower and less precise. It is as if they are trapped within a nightmarish realm governed by the Conductor's will.

Killer Perks: 

Haunted Path: Survivors who walk in the Conductor's terror radius leave faint spectral footprints behind for 4/4.5/5 seconds.

Derailed Fury: When a survivor stuns the Conductor with a pallet or drops a vault, their location is revealed to the Conductor for 3/4/5 seconds.

Last Stop: When a survivor is hooked, all generators currently being repaired by survivors are revealed to the Conductor for 5 seconds. Last Stop has a cooldown of 100/80/60 seconds.

New Survivor:  Emily Johnson

Survivor Lore: Emily Johnson, a curious and adventurous journalist, heard rumors of a haunted train and couldn't resist investigating. Little did she know that her curiosity would lead her into a deadly encounter with the Conductor.

Difficulty: Easy

Survivor Perks:  

Fearless Wanderer: After successfully stunning the killer with a pallet or vault, gain a 110% speed for 2/2.5/3 seconds.

Inquisitive Mind: When within the killer's terror radius, gain a notification if another survivor is injured or in danger within 32/64/98 meters.

Stealthy Escape: After escaping the killer's grasp, gain a brief period of immunity to detection perks and abilities for 5/7.5/10 seconds.

Ending: As the final survivor manages to escape the haunted train, they look back to see the Conductor disappearing into the fog. The survivors are left with a mix of relief and lingering fear, knowing that the spectral threat of the train killer still haunts the railway tracks, waiting for its next victim.

"Special thanks to ChatGPT, for providing inspiration and ideas during the creation of this fan-made chapter."