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Fanmade The Xenomorph Chapter

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Stranded in Space

Killer: The Xenomorph

Base Speed while Standing: 4.2 m/s

Base Speed while Crawling: 5.4 m/s

Base Terror Radius while Standing: 30m

Base Terror Radius while Crawling: 0m

Height: Tall

About the Xenomorph

While playing as the Xenomorph, there’s an active grey-ish filter to make the game look less colourful and thus harder to notice survivors. To offset this, noises made by survivors are 33% louder and are heard in a +10 meter radius.

The Xenomorph starts the game in Crawling Mode.


Shadow Lurker: Pressing the Control key allows the Xenomorph to change from Crawling Mode to Standing Mode. Going from Crawling Mode into Standing Mode will take a few seconds during which the Xenomorph will shriek (more on this later) and get ready for the hunt, making survivors in the TR scream. Going from Standing Mode to Crawling Mode takes no time.

Impaler's Thrust: While in Crawling Mode, press and hold the ability button near an unaware survivor to prepare your tail to impale them. This takes three seconds and can insta down a survivor. It has a 2 meter range and also can hit across windows and pallets. You can cancel the ability at any moment, but it will take as much time as you had pressed the button to cancel it. Cancelling the ability or successfully downing a survivor does not exit Crawling mode, but failing to hit a survivor with Impaler's Thrust does, triggering the Xenomorph's shriek.

Tail Sweep: While in Standing Mode, pressing the ability button will activate Tail Sweep. Tail Sweep will make the Xenomorph's speed go up to 4.8 m/s for 1.5 seconds, followed by a circular sweep with its tail (1.5 m range), damaging any survivor hit. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Dreadful: Whenever the Xenomorphs shrieks (by getting out of Crawling mode or failing thrusting attacks), survivors in his TR suffer 25 charges of fear. Every second survivors spend within the TR they gain 1 charge of fear. Survivors in chase with the Xenomorph gain 5 charges of fear per second. Fear can go up a maximum of 150 charges. Survivors start losing charges 10 seconds after leaving the TR at a 3 charges / second rate.

Fear 1: 50 charges – Survivor’s breathe and grunts of pain are 50% louder.

Fear 2: 100 charges – Survivors trigger more and harder skill checks when repairing / healing.

Fear 3: 150 charges – Survivor’s speed is 5% slower while affected by Fear 3. A survivor afflicted with Fear 3 won’t lose charges outside of the TR. The only way of effectively reducing Fear now is to hide in a locker outside the TR. After 10 seconds have passed, they will go back to Fear 1.


Apex Predator – You can press the active ability button to suppress your TR and red stain for 5 seconds at the cost of reducing your speed to 2.4/2.8/3.2 m/s. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Acute Hearing – Every loud noise notifications grants you a token up to a maximum of 3. When the third token is acquired, lose all tokens in exchange for a speed boost for 2/3/4 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Spread Terror – When you damage a survivor with your basic attack, every survivor repairing or healing in your TR automatically suffer from a failed skill check effect. Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds.



Common 1: Tail Sweep can only hit 1 survivor. Walking base speed is 4.4 m/s.

Common 2: Survivors recover from Fear 15 seconds after leaving the Terror Radius.

Common 3: Survivors in the TR when the Xenomorph shrieks gain double the Fear charges.

Common 4: Tail Sweep now allows you to move at 5 m/s.


Uncommon 1: The Xenomorph have a 30 m TR while in Crawling Mode. Impaler's Thrust activation time is reduced by 2 seconds.

Uncommon 2: Successfully performing Impaler's Thrust activates Killer Instinct on survivors in a 30 meter radius.

Uncommon 3: Impaler's Thrust only injures survivors. Walking base speed is 4.6 m/s.

Uncommon 4: Crawling base speed is 5 m/s. You can see the aura of survivors in a 10 meter radius while in Crawling Mode.


Rare 1: Tail sweep now inflicts the survivors with Mangled for 30 seconds.

Rare 2: Survivors start the Trial with Fear 1.

Rare 3: Survivors recover from Fear 20 seconds after leaving the TR.

Rare 4: Tail Sweep no longer provides a speed boost. Lunge attack range is doubled.

Very Rare

Very Rare 1: Increases TR by 33%.

Very Rare 2: Survivors start the Trial with Fear 2.

Very Rare 3: Survivors in the TR when Xenomorph shrieks drop their items.

Very Rare 4: Successfully hitting a survivor with Impaler's Thrust will end Crawling Mode.


Ultra Rare 1: A successful Impaler's Thrust afflicts survivors in the TR with exposed for 20 seconds.

Ultra Rare 2: Survivors can only recover from Fear in a locker outside the TR.

Ellen Ripley


Never Lose Your Temper

You are exhausted for the whole match. Any perk or power that would make you scream is nullified, and you recover from temporary status effects 10/25/40% faster.

Engineering Expertise

For every great skill check achieved while repairing, you get 1/2/3 totems up to a maximum of 6. When hiding in a locker, press the active ability button to lose all tokens and create a device. You can place this device anywhere. 10 seconds after being planted, the device will create a loud noise notification. When the killer approaches the device, it will explode, blinding the killer.


For every chase you escape you get 1 token, up to a maximum of 3. Whenever you are out of chase with 3 tokens, press the active ability button to activate this perk. After 30/20/10 seconds you will be healed. This perk then deactivates.

I used Scarybubblegum's thread as template, so thank you, Scarybubblegum. I hope it doesn't bother you.