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Chapter Idea: Animal Instinct

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New Killer: The Experiment(4.6 M/S | 32 Meter Terror Radius)

Subject Name: Annabel Warren | Age: 12 Years | Height/Weight: 4'2"/67.3 lbs | Subject Reference: 194

Day 1 - 194 is injected with the first daily dose of [Redacted]. Subject seems unaffected and anxious.

Day 2 - 194 is injected with the second dosage. Subject seems unaffected and anxious. At 21:38, Subject is showing signs of discomfort. No other subject is experiencing such effects, have a team on standby for termination.

Day 3 - 194 is injected with a third dose. While administering the dosage, 194 showed resistance to the doctors, discipline was applied. Keep termination team on standby.

Day 4 - 194 is given another dosage. Subject begins to lose signs of resistance and is showing fewer signs of anxiety. Keep termination team on standby.

Day 5 - 194 is given another dosage. Physical anomalies begin to appear on Subject's head, arms, legs, and chest. An X-ray was performed, showing visible signs of transformation. These signs are not present in any other subjects thus far. Relieve termination team.

Day 25 - Daily dosage of [Redacted] is terminated. Physical anomalies on Subject include cancer, bone distortion, and swelling. Further investigation required.

Day 26 - Physical forms of the desired outcome are visible. Feline-like qualities are present as ears, joints, and tail. The ears the subject had prior to the experiment have lost blood circulation. At 06:46, a surgical team removed the dead cells and the skin began to overlap the cut by 19:03. The ear formations at the superior side of the head are forming pustules.

Day 32 - 194 has stopped complying with authorities. Discipline has been enacted.

Day 33 - Signs of overgrowth have occurred within the oral cavity of 194. Most notable are the teeth and tongue. Other areas affected by overgrowth include the hands, feet, and spine. After an X-ray, it shows an increase in the number of vertebrae in 194, undesired traits. Have a team on standby for termination.

Day 79 - 194 has finished its transformation. All signs of growth, cancer, and other anomalies have ceased. Description of Subject 194: The head of the subject is covered in matted, brown fur. Subject's eyes have deteriorated, only the pupils remain. (This does not imply the subject is blind.) The ears sit on the superior end of the Subject's head, extending 6 inches.

The torso has been elongated to 3'10". The legs and arms have transformed themselves to be similar in size, muscle, and purpose. The phalanges on both ends have claw-like structures forming from the bone directly. Matted fur and calyces cover 194's body. The tail extends 5'7". 194 standing on its hind legs reaches a height of 5'11".

The oral cavity has elongated teeth and increased muscle within the jaw. Subject has a bit pressure of 450 pounds per square inch. The tongue has elongated to be 1'2" long and capable of penetrating soft tissue.

Analysis: 194 is not applicable to the Program. Termination is advised.

Day 80 -

Day 81 - An attempt was made to terminate 194 with a poison via injection on Day 80. The injection was a success and the poison was properly administered. Subject began to resist the drug and broke containment, resulting in 84 casualties before 194 fell unconscious. Subject's vital signs did not decrease. More drastic measures are necessary.

Day 85 - 194 appears to have fully recovered from the 348 bullet wounds from Day 84. Subject is capable of cellular regeneration far beyond our understanding. Termination has been denied. Research will be conducted while 194 is subdued with anesthetic gas.

Day 86 - 194 has breached containment. Location unknown.

Killer Perks:

Hunter's Instinct: The hunt is what carries you, they are a feast of your making

  • Injured survivors within 12 | 16 | 20 meters of your current position for 10 seconds will scream, revealing their location for 3 seconds.

"Subject began to resist the drug and broke containment, resulting in 84 casualties" - Unknown

Worse Than Death: The path you walk gives you immeasurable pain, their attempts will condemn them

  • When a survivor stuns you by any means, their aura is revealed to you for 20 | 25 | 30 seconds.

"Subject is capable of cellular regeneration far beyond our understanding." - Unknown

Monster: They will reap what they've sown, and you are savage at your instincts.

  • Injuring a survivor by any means makes all other survivors within your terror radius exposed for 20 seconds. Has a cooldown of 30 | 25 | 20 seconds.

"194 has finished its transformation. All signs of growth, cancer, and other anomalies have ceased." - Unknown

Killer Power: Savagery

Injuring enough survivors(8 total health states) will start Savagery. While Savagery is active, you move 0.2 meters faster, dropped pallets and breakable walls break 50% faster for 30 seconds. Healthy survivors who are injured while in this state are given the deep wound status effect.

New Ability: Climbing

When walking near walls you are capable of climbing onto them, (This is restricted to ON walls. You will not be able to go over them. Also slows you by 15%). Climbing on a wall and holding the active ability button(2 seconds) will charge a pounce. Landing a pounce will injure the survivor(Special attack, Will leave you slowed to 1.5 m/s for 1.5 seconds). Pouncing from a wall gets you 3 meters from the wall from ground level, and 1 meter per extra meter of height(ground level = 3 meters | 1 meter on the wall = 4 meters)

Killer Add-ons:


Pink Backpack: The backpack Annabell wore to school on a regular basis.

  • For Every Survivor downed while Savagery is active, movement speed during Savagery increases by 2.5%

Empty Bottle: An emptied bottle of chloroform found at the site of the kidnapping.

  • Survivors within 4 meters of a pounce scream, revealing their location for 2 seconds

Missing Poster: A poster depicting Annabel Warren with a phone number at the bottom.

  • Deceases haste effect and breaking interactions by 25% while Savagery is active. Gain 100% bloodpoint bonus to the Deviousness category

Security Tape: Security footage showing the kidnapping, law enforcement wasn't able to get anything from the video.

  • Crawling on walls within 16 meters of a survivor gives them the blindness status effect

Donated Toy Bin: The toy bin Annabel had loved dearly that had been donated to charity after the family gave up hope.

  • When the Obsession loses a healthstate, you gain 2 tokens towards Savagery.


Broken Chain: A chain link that broke during one of Annabel's disciplines.

  • Movement speed while climbing is increased by 10%

White uniform: The clothes Annabel was forced to wear like the other girls in the experiment.

  • Successfully pouncing on a survivor gives them the mangled and hemorrhage status effect until fully healed.

Memory: An image forged from the fog, it was a memory of a girl being executed as an example.

  • Time required to charge pounce is decreased by 15%

Sludge: The daily meal given to all subjects in the experiment.

  • Survivors within 4 meters of a missed pounce attack are given 5% hindered status effect for 4 seconds.

Pin Number: The number on the pin is what Annabel was referred to as.

  • Number of health states needed to activate Savagery is decreased by 2 tokens.


Skinned Arm: An arm that Annabel had eaten while she was going insane during the experiment. It was from one of the other girls.

  • Survivors who are given deep wound from Savagery gain a 10% speed reduction in healing for the duration of Savagery.

Scattered Brains: The brains of another experiment, the contents had spilled due to swelling and fractures within the skull.

  • Increases time Savagery is active by 10 seconds. Increases health states needed to activate Savagery by 1 token.

Poisoned Syringe: The poison the doctors had given to her to end her life. She lived.

  • Pouncing on survivors gives a 5% haste effect for 4 seconds.

Tuft of Fur: A mat of fur a guard had pulled from Annabel's skin as he tried to fend her off.

  • Increases the breaking speed of interactions by 20% while Savagery is active.

Shrapnel: A piece of torn metal that had gotten stuck in Annabel's hand while hunting throughout the facility.

  • When Savagery activates, all injured survivors gain the mangled and hemorrhage status effects until fully healed.

Very Rare

Doctor's Jaw: The jaw of a doctor who had gotten too close to her.

  • Survivors who enter your terror radius while Savagery is active scream, revealing their location for 5 seconds.

Guard's Heart: The heart torn from a guard's chest as Annabel was escaping the facility.

  • Survivors are given the obliviousness and blindness status effect while Savagery is active.

Severed Arm: An arm torn from another experiment, Annabel did not care who she slaughtered.

  • Downing a survivor while Savagery is active increases the duration by 10 seconds.

Torn Uniform: The uniform every experiment was supposed to wear, torn up by teeth and claws.

  • Successfully pouncing on survivors gives them to broken status effect for 45 seconds


Subject File: A file containing the information of Subject 194

  • Survivors within 8 meters of your position while crawling on a wall are revealed to you.

Experimental Drug: A drug used to turn 194 into a monster.

  • Increases movement speed while Savagery is active by 0.2 m/s(0.4 m/s movement speed bonus | Total speed of 5 m/s) and increases breaking speed actions by 50% more.

Killer Animations:

Vault: The Experiment will jump onto the vault location on all fours, then drop down to the ground.

Locker Grab: Ther Experiment will use one hand to open both sides. If a survivor is inside, the other hand will sweep them off their feet and grab them by the neck to be carried.

Carry Animation: The Experiment will stand on her hind legs and carry the survivor to the hook.

Mori: The Experiment will jump onto the victim's back and tear out the spine. Then she will flip them over and pierce their eye with her tongue. A final roar into the air to indicate her dominance.

Hatch Close: The Experiment will use her front claws to slam on the hatch.

New Survivor: Camilla Reeves

Camilla takes the photo out of her Polaroid camera, there's something so elegant about older technology. And it's perfect for her collage. She shakes the image and looks out to see her star. A Pied Crow, she's never seen one in person until today. She looks down at the picture and smiles, a perfect replica! Camilla fixes her hat and takes another one, it couldn't hurt for a few more pictures, could it?

A caw on her left indicates that another bird had landed on her shoulder. Slowly, she turns and sees another Corvus. She couldn't directly tell if it was a crow or a raven, but either way, she was stoked! She gently holds the camera out in front of her, turning it towards her face to take a picture. She presses the button and the bird flies off.

Camilla takes out the picture and shakes it. Looking up, she sees nothing but a blue sky and a couple of clouds. She sighs and looks down at her picture. The picture clearly obscured her face, but she could see the crow perfectly. And it was in fact a crow, not a Raven. Though, something seemed off about it. The bird's body didn't match anything she could remember. Is it a new species? A new discovery?

With no doubt of her optimism, she names it the Luzical Crow, after her mother. Thinking about it, she decides against it. Looking at the picture more and more gave her a feeling of discomfort. She looks into the picture, the beady eyes of the crow looking right back. Camilla shudders and puts the photo away.

Then suddenly, a shadow flies over her. Normally, she'd be elated at the sign of another bird, but something about that picture... scared her. She feels nauseous almost and decides to head home. Then another shadow flies over her. Sorry friends, she says in her mind, but I'm not feeling up to it today. Then more and more shadows fly over her.

Camilla looks up and sees an enormous swarm of birds overhead. They looked terrifying, she runs across the grounds of the park, searching for anything and noticing no one is there. Camilla trips on her footing and falls to the ground. The swarm of crows dives down and she disappears.

Survivor Perks:

Passionate: Stay passionate in your hobbies, they're supposed to make you happy.

  • After performing an altruistic action, gain a 5% speed increase to all actions for 30 | 35 | 40 seconds. Has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Rush of Fear: Am I afraid, no, I'm terrified!

  • While in a chase, you gain a 3% haste for a total of a maximum of 30 | 45 | 60 seconds. Healing another survivor grants 0.5 seconds back to the timer for each second.

Bird Watcher: Watch them, their elegant movement as they lift off into the air.

  • Whenever the killer disturbs a crow while you are in the terror radius, their aura is revealed to you for 2 seconds. Has a cooldown of 10 | 9 | 8 seconds.

Survivor Attire:

Head: Camilla Reeves - A passionate birdwatcher and community leader.

Torso: Dirtied Shirt - Dirty green, button-up shirt, one of many Camilla uses for birdwatching.

Legs: Tan Khakis - Tan khaki pants that have gotten dirtied at the ankles.

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