NICOLAS CAGE!!!: The Concept

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New Survivor... Nicolas Cage!!!

The National Treasure himself has 3 New Perks...

Ghost Rider:

After finishing all 5 generators single handedly, you are able channel the energy of the fog to summon your new Ferrari Enzo to ride around the map and pick up remaining Survivors, and then ram it through the gates in a blaze of glory. You are allowed to drive it for 60/120/180 seconds before the fuel runs out.


Very self-explanatory. Being the absolute BALLER you are, you'll hardly need help, cause you can just press the Primary Action Button to punch that Killer in the FACE, give em the Will Smith ****** Slap, and press the Active Ability Button to dodge that Killer's attack like Wesker in 'Resident Evil'. Each hit stuns the Killer for 2 seconds, but in return, puts you in the Exposed Status Effect for 30 seconds along with an additional 15/10/5 seconds up to 3 extra hits. After those 4 hits, you become Exhausted for the duration of the Perk's cooldown. (Unless you bring Blood Rush, of course...)

National Treasure:

When you unlock a random chest, you receive a unique map. That map shows you the location of every Totem, Killer Item, Glyph and the Hatch within the trial. But as a consequence, you and the killer see each other's Auras for as long as the map is being use, and this effect lingers for 7/6/5 seconds. The map has 16 charges in Total. The Perk user's Aura is highlighted in Orange. The map can only be consumed when dropped, or when you exit the trial.


Selected/Returning to the Camp Fire:

"I have to get out of here..." *Theme song plays*

"I lost a bit of control there, but now everything's cool..."

"We gawt some dancin' to do..."

"Guess I'm not at Kansas anymore." wheezes

"Well, ****. Here we go again!!!"

(Steals Ash's line) "Yeah, that right. That's ME BABY!!!"

(Just to be random) "What are these ******** iguanas doing on my coffee table?!"

(If you take too long) "Cmon, I'm on a tight schedual."

(If you take too long) "Hey, you eating chips or something? Save ME some!"

(If you take too long, without moving the mouse) *Walks up. Knocks on screen to see if you're AFK.*

*Does a little dance while he waits...*

Leveling Up:

"I've become FASTER... STRONGER..."

"Aww, yeah, hit me with your shot!"

"Hallelujah, Hallelujah, OH Hallelujah!!!"

"Yes! Make. Me. Stronger!!!"

"More blood, more power!"


"Heck yeah! Level me UP, baby! WHOOOOH!!!"

Low on Blood Points:

"Wup! You're broke!"

"You're low on points. Get back on the grind..."

"You need more blood. Get back out there."

"I'm melting... Oh, what a world, what a world..."

"Aw man, that sucks..."

"Womp, Womp, Wooomp..."

"Heuston, we have a problem."

Joining in Lobby/Other Survivors Joining in:

"This isn't real... YOU aren't real..."

"Hello, Neighbor!"

"Alright, here's the plan. Somebody come up with a plan."

"Anyone want an autograph? Oh, wait. Forgot my pen. *******..."

(With another licensed character) "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere."

(All Female Teammates) "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, OH Hallelujah!!!"

(All Male Teammates) "Alright men, let's ROLL OUT!!!"

(All Nicolas Cage Teammates) "The Boys are back in town! The Boys are back in town! The BOYS!!!"

(All Nicolas Cage Teammates) "Come, my army. Let us GENRUSH AND TEABAG like they haven't seen before! HOORAH!!!"

Match Starts:

"Aaaand ACTION!!!"

"Alright. ACTION!!! How does my makeup look...?"

"Lights! Camera!! ACTION!!!"


Get's Hook/Moried:

(15% chance) "AH NO, NOT THE BEES!!! AHH!!! AH HAAAA!!!"

(25% chance) "FFFFFFFF--**********************!!!!!"

Stun/Blind/Successful Wiggle Out:

"You ripped my SHIRT! You ripped my SHIIIIIRT!!"

"OH YEAH! You put your RIGHT FOOT IN, you put your RIGHT FOOT OUT!!!"



"Ha ha, so long, sucker!!!"

"SURPRISE, ******!!!"

Searched a Chest:

"Ooh, goodie."


"Groovy! Wait, that's not my line. ****..."

"The One Piece is real."

"Hmm, where's the chocolate cake...?"

"Huh, this'll work."

"This'll have to do."

AND THAT'S MY CONCEPT, on how Nicolas Cage would be like coming to DBD...