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Introducing 'The Mind's Tormentor': A New Maniac Concept for Dead by Daylight

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Hello fellow Dead by Daylight players,

I wanted to share with you an exciting concept for a new killer character that I've come up with. I present to you 'The Mind's Tormentor'. This maniacal entity embodies the twisted nature of psychological horror, bringing a unique and terrifying gameplay experience to the realm of Dead by Daylight.

The Mind's Tormentor is a deranged individual whose obsession with the human mind drives them to unleash unimaginable horrors upon their victims. Armed with their twisted arsenal and uncanny abilities, they revel in manipulating the perception of reality and toying with the fragile sanity of survivors.

This killer's ability, 'Psychotic Enigma', allows them to create hallucinatory traps and illusions that deceive survivors, making it increasingly difficult for them to distinguish between what is real and what is not. The Mind's Tormentor feeds off the fear and confusion of their prey, gaining strength and advantage as survivors succumb to the depths of their own terror.

But beware, as facing The Mind's Tormentor comes with a price. Survivors who fall prey to their manipulations will find themselves trapped in a never-ending maze of torment, where their every move is anticipated and countered. Only the strongest and most resourceful survivors will stand a chance against this sadistic mastermind.

I've meticulously crafted this concept, taking inspiration from various horror genres to ensure a chilling and immersive experience for both killers and survivors. I invite you all to join the discussion and share your thoughts on this unique killer concept.

Let's delve into the twisted recesses of the mind with 'The Mind's Tormentor' and see if we can make this terrifying vision a reality in Dead by Daylight!

Character Description:

Patrick Bateman is a deranged serial killer from Bret Easton Ellis's novel "American Psycho." In Dead by Daylight, he becomes a new killer, haunting the survivors in a deadly nightmare.

Main Ability: "Madness Vice"

Patrick Bateman possesses the main ability called "Madness Vice," which allows him to manipulate the mental state of survivors. When activated, he emits an aura of madness within a certain radius. Survivors within this radius slowly lose their sanity, resulting in a deterioration of their skills and abilities. When survivors reach maximum madness, they start seeing and hearing illusory threats and sounds that don't actually exist.


"Instinct of Violence":

Patrick Bateman gains information about the aura of survivors in a state of maximum madness. This information is displayed on his screen, enabling him to track and pursue targets more accurately.

"Torturous Frenzy":

Patrick Bateman has the ability to further increase the insanity of survivors by making direct contact attacks. Each successful attack increases the target's madness, intensifying the effects of maximum madness.

"Dark Hallucinations":

Patrick Bateman can create illusory objects and traps that survivors in a state of maximum madness see and hear. This allows him to confuse and manipulate his victims, creating additional opportunities for attack.

Character Balance:

Patrick Bateman in Dead by Daylight will be a cunning and mentally disturbing killer. His ability, "Madness Vice," allows him to effectively control the battlefield by weakening and confusing survivors. However, to maintain game balance, his skills and abilities may be balanced through action delays, increased range of ability effects, or limitations on the duration of madness for survivors. Precise values and balancing measures would require further fine-tuning and testing by the game developers.

Movement Speed:

Patrick Bateman, being a killer, may have a moderate movement speed. This allows him to effectively chase survivors and control the battlefield.

Attack Speed:

Patrick Bateman's attack speed can be moderate or above average. A higher attack speed provides the character with more opportunities to inflict damage on survivors and makes it more challenging for them to recover from the madness state. However, to maintain game balance, limitations on the use of certain abilities after an attack may be introduced, providing survivors with opportunities to retreat or counterattack.


Patrick Bateman can use signature weapons from the "American Psycho" story, such as an axe, knife, or nail gun. The specific choice of weapon can be based on the character's aesthetic and theme, as well as gameplay balancing.

In the concept art, Patrick Bateman can be depicted as a tall and slender man in his early or mid-30s. He will have an attractive appearance with neatly groomed dark hair and shining blue eyes.

Patrick Bateman's clothing will be highly stylish and impeccable. He can be portrayed in a meticulously tailored business suit with accents on fashionable details, such as a fancy tie or a pocket square. His footwear will be high-quality and elegant, such as polished formal shoes.

An important element of the concept art will be the chosen weapon for Patrick Bateman, such as an axe, knife, or nail gun. The weapon can be depicted with unique details and finishes, such as bloodstains on brand-new tools, emphasizing its danger and connection to the character's deranged nature.

The background of the concept art can be atmospheric and sinister, reflecting the nightmarish world of Dead by Daylight. It can depict an environment, for example, an urban setting with towering skyscrapers and bloody imprints on the walls, reminiscent of Patrick Bateman's brutal crimes.

See you in the fog!



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    UPD: Hooray, I managed to fix the error.