Dead by Daylight Fighting Game Selection Screen Mockup

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(Disregard the empty spots, those will be filled out when more characters gets released.)

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  • OrangeBear
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    This is epic 😄

    There is actually an old street fighter horror game called Terrordrome but it's old and outdated though.

    Would be cool if dbd somehow got a street fighter type game spin off in the future.

  • Smoe
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    I'm aware of the existence of both Rise of the Boogeyman and Reign of the Legends.

    It's kinda why i want dbd to acquire the missing licenses featured in Rise (The Tall Man especially.) as well as why i also want dbd to be featured in fighting games like Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur as guest characters.

    Seeing as BHVR is expanding DBD into other game genres, maybe it'll be a reality sooner or later.

  • StrickenX_X
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    SHAO KAHN is my dream killer for DBD i think a legendary skin set for ONI would be really cool or a paragraph for shao kahn. would love to see Trapper in MK as a guest fighter too my dream. a DBDxMK collab would be sick i mean Attack on Titan came to dead by daylight Oni got a skin of Armoured Titan. as the survivors survived their last trial they now face their biggest challenge DEAD BY DAYLIGHT!!! mortal do you know who am i? i am shao kahn!!! conqueror of worlds,emperor of outworld you won't Escape my wrath!!!