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(Concept) The Delirium

pyramidheadmain6233 Member Posts: 117

My attempt at making a new chainsaw killer.

Few ever encounter Jacob Sahinto and even fewer survive. The crazed, chainsaw-wielding butcher acted as a personal dragon for a dark organization deep in the woods, known only as Blue Eyed Retreat. For some, the off-the-grid campsites, festivals, and delicious feasts were a perfect getaway from the demanding toils of the world. The “counselors” welcomed all newcomers with open arms and big smiles, but not before the entrees were thoroughly stripped of all phones, gadgets, and other electric devices. Blue Eyed Retreat was envisioned as a “land of peace,” promising tranquility to those who desired friendship and comfort. Bigotry, prejudice, and violence were not tolerated under any circumstances… at least up front.

The list of rules was extensive, and breaking any of them was highly punishable to the highest degree. The “apostates” were dragged out and publicly shamed, their crimes declared for all the camp to hear, and the victim given no chance to defend themselves. When the degradation was over, they were pulled away into the shadows, never seen by other camp-goers again. The others would simply shrug and assume they were banished from the campus, but the truth was much, much worse.

Those who broke the rules, those who talked back to the authority and challenged the questionable laws, and those who tried to escape, were all brought before Jacob Sahinto. He was more than just the meat butcher, he would look up and step away from his station when yet another rulebreaker was dragged to him. The counselors would nod and wait outside, while Jacob grabbed a meat cleaver and did his job. The next day, new meat would appear on the plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but to the campers, it was simply delicious.

One day things went awry. A nosy camper had discovered and seen more than they were supposed to and threatened to go public with the news. The counselors managed to grab her, but she fought them off and wretched out of their grasp, escaping into the woods. Many counselors grabbed weapons and followed her, but her headstart was substantial. Angered, yet terrified of their organization’s fall, the leader ran to Jacob. He was in the middle of sawing a cow when the leader exploded through the curtains, frantically explaining the situation. Pointing their finger at the gut-covered butcher, Jacob was commanded to take the chase himself, his immediate priority being to end the camper, no matter what got in his way. 

Wordlessly, Jacob dropped his tools and grabbed the handle of a bloodstained chainsaw, resting on the table beside him. Wielding the sadistic weapon, the butcher vanished into the trees, as a slow fog began to encompass him. He thought nothing, said nothing, he was mind was tuned only to meat. The meat had to be severed, drained, and prepared, such was his job given by the leader. He would carry out his orders without question, and not a single thing, not walls, not others fighting back, not a single hindering obstacle would get in his way. 


The survivor is getting up as The Delirium swings the chainsaw across, but the Survivor sees it and ducks down. The killer holds the chainsaw over his shoulder and swings it diagonally down, and the Survivor manages to intercept the attack and briefly struggles against him. The killer quickly gut-punches the Survivor and unbalances them. He uses this opportunity to scream and swing the chainsaw to the side, brutally severing through the survivor's gut and killing them. The victim falls, and the killer grimaces as they return to their idle pose.