Ive heard about the secretive special way that a survivor can presumably kill the killer....

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I was thinking how the general consensus was that the devs leaked some mysterious thing about how a survivor can escape other than through the exit doors or through the hatch, and that no one had found it yet, and everyone generally assumed it had to do with defeating the killer and becoming safe in whatever realm you happened to be in

I always imagined it being something like hiding in the basement and catching the killer with a special item or unique weapon and it being this big cutscene of a decisive strike that ends up actually killing the killer and ending the game somehow

I was thinking that if there really was a way to do it in-game, it would be when EGC is about to end, and the survivor and killer are both in the basement, and maybe if you wiggle free in the last moments of EGC while in the basement or somewhere else specific, or using head on to stun the killer right as EGC happened or otherwise stunning the killer right as the game ended and that triggering something crazy and unique, im not sure

im curious if this is a thing that has already been solved or exposed for what it meant but i think about it every so often and could use an update on the general vibe of the situation

What do you guys think/know what it could be?

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    thats actually the sickest idea ever. the idea of a survivor being able to fight back in a way that kills the killer in an in-game cinematic would add a sense of tension and vengeance that i think would be quite reasonable given that survivors have been subjected to endless torment for the longest time.

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    That in itself could be a new game mode/side objective. Imagine, while others do gens, you can set a trap for the killer or something, and the game becomes a fight for actual survival rather than hide and seek.

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    And then the game will become a trash like Friday the 13th, when people found out how to kill Jason, everyone was doing that instead or running away

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    I'm 99% sure that was a joke, or if it ever was real it was an idea scrapped in early beta.

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    Hmm. If implemented correctly, it could work as a special game mode.

    Some survivors (like Bill, Jill and Leon) were actually trained in using firearms. So, what if there was a third goal of the match, like the special objectives in Black Ops Zombies, where you need to find parts for a super weapon, and then assemble it.

    • For instance, have 4-5 parts for a weapon or some sort of trap (depending on the killer) scattered around the map in hidden areas, such as totem spawns, lockers, chests etc.
    • When the survivors gather all the parts, they need to head down into the basement (or any other designated area, unknown to the killer) in order to assemble the weapon or trap. Once that is done, the objective is completed, and the survivors has to locate the killer and either kill or capture them. Once that is done, the exit gates and the hatch will automatically open, and the survivors are given 30 seconds to escape the trial, or get consumed by the Entity.
    • If the survivors are unable to locate the parts, they could still finish the game in a normal manner.

    I think that would have been really cool, to turn the tables for once, after all these years, and have it as a special game mode, where the survivors has three options of escaping.

    Some ideas for weapons and traps:

    • High-impact weapon such as a rocket launcher, with a home-made rocket, used against human killers (Wesker, Huntress, Trapper etc.)
    • Ghost-catching trap (for killers like Sadako, Spirit, Wraith etc.)
    • Stun guns or barbed baseball bats, and a large sacrificial hook (as a meme, and a fun way of getting revenge on the killer)
    • Covered ground trap. Sturdy enough for a lightweight survivor, but not for a heavier killer.
    • Killer cage. Will leave one survivor as a sacrifice (though they get bonus points for being the bait).
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    nobody plays dbd like hide and seek idk what you mean. The chase is all about fighting to survive.

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    I thought people looked at the code but didn't find any alternative ways, but it's just hearsay.