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Chapter ???: Scream. (FANMADE)

dgbug Member Posts: 152
edited May 2023 in Creations

This will be a half chapter with DLC cosmetics for The Ghost Face.

First, let us start with our new survivor. Sidney Prescott.

Her epic skin will be her in scream 1, specifically during this scene

Her perks are as follows:

Angel Of Death:

You're used to those around you dying, but it won't break your spirit.

Whenever a survivor is hit within 32 meters of you, you lose all negative status effects and gain 5% haste for 30 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 60 seconds. This perk does not remove Broken or Exhausted.

Boon: Sidney's Lament:

The suffering you go through will only strengthen you.

Press and hold the Active Ability button on a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem.

Soft chimes ring out in a radius of 24 metres.

All Survivors benefit from the following effects when inside the Boon Totem's radius:

If a survivor is injured and inside the boon totem's radius, their aura will be revealed to the killer.

Survivors inside this boon gain endurance.

When a survivor who gained endurance from Boon: SIdney's Lament is hit, the boon will deactivate, and Boon: Sidney's Lament will go on cooldown for 90/80/70 seconds.

The Original:

People have tried to kill you before, but you don't ######### with the original.

This perk increases your chances of becoming the obsession.

While you are the obsession, you gain 5% haste for 5 seconds after performing a successful Stun or Blind action on the killer.

Self healing is 50% faster.

What are your thoughts? Anything unbalanced? Anything you'd change? Hate my ideas? Love them? Please, tell me what you think :)