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{DBD Killer} The Empirics

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Killer:Viktor Von Rottenschwein  {I.E. The Empirics)

Chapter Name: No Cure To Death 

Weapon: The Plague doctors staff

Map:  Leval Zero: The Hospital of Herbsburrow

Lore: In the 14th century, during the height of the Black Death, a young physician named Dr. Viktor Von Rottenschwein became obsessed with finding a cure for the deadly disease. He spent countless hours studying the plague, poring over ancient texts and experimenting with various remedies.

Despite his best efforts, the plague continued to ravage his village, and Dr. Viktor became increasingly desperate. In a last ditch effort to save his patients, he donned a strange mask and costume, fashioned after the bird-like appearance of a raven.

With the newfound persona of the "Plague Doctor," Viktor traveled from village to village, offering his services to those afflicted by the disease. But as he treated more and more patients, something began to change within him.

The constant exposure to the disease began to warp Viktor's mind, and he became increasingly paranoid and delusional. He began to see the plague as a living entity, a malevolent force that needed to be destroyed.

With each patient he cured, Viktor became more convinced that the only way to rid the world of the plague was to kill those who were infected. He started to develop a dark reputation, with rumors spreading of the Plague Doctor sneaking into homes and slaughtering entire families in their sleep.

Eventually, the authorities caught wind of Viktor's actions, and he was hunted down and killed. But even in death, his legacy lived on, as others donned the Plague Doctor's costume and continued his murderous crusade against the disease.

Now, centuries later, the legend of the Plague Doctor lives on. The Rumors even spread around his hometown which is home to The Hospital of Herbsburrow. Some say that he still walks among us, stalking the halls of the hospital. searching for new victims to add to his ever-growing list of the infected. And those who hear the sound of his footsteps approaching in the dead of night know to flee, lest they become the next target of the Plague Doctor's deadly crusade.


  • Speed : 4.6
  • Terror Radius: 35m
  • Height: Average

Power: The Spread Begins: The Plague doctor can summon Rats to scatter around the trial, having 3 tokens and being able to choose the general direction the rats will go. If the rats find a survivor they will chase the survivor for 19 seconds. If the rats catch the survivor the survivor will become hindered and has to complete 5 consecutive skill checks with only 2 chances to fail to get them off and the rats will disappear. Rats will also disappear if a flashlight is shined on them. And will stand in front of lockers for 3 seconds if the survivor they are chasing goes into one.

 If the survivor fails to dispel the rats they will be infected with The Disease.

If the rats find a survivor who is already infected the rats will chase them for 5 seconds and swarm them, hindering them for 3 seconds.

[New status effect]

 {The Disease} will progress by 2.5% every 3.6 seconds

At 1% the sides of the survivors screen will slowly blur and this will progress as the % rises

At 10% The Survivors Gen Speeds are decreased by 2% and the getting healed speed is decreased by 5%

At 25% the survivor will be Inflicted with the nauseous status effect. And gen speed will be decreased by 9% (Nausea causes survivors to groan even if healthy and the Hearing will warp slightly)

At 35% gen repair Speed is decreased by 11% and Speed of being healed is decreased by 11%

At 50% The Survivor will Repair 15% slower and speeds of getting Health are decreased by 16%

At 75% The Survivor will be Hindered and their gen speeds will be decreased by 22% 

At 100% the survivor will instantly be put in the dying state

The survivor who is infected will have to manage their sickness by finding herbs around the map that will satiate the disease coursing through their body but are unable to completely cure it. Herbs will grow in the trail ground and can be applied and used to help with the Disease. Every herb patch has 5 uses represented by the amount of herbs in that area herb groves can have 1-7 herps in 1 patch. Survivors can hold 3 of 1 kind of Herb 

Echinacea: Reduces Disease by 3% takes .5 seconds to collect 1

Labdanum: Refuses Disease by 6% takes 1 second to collect 1

Ginger: Reduces Disease by 9% takes takes 1.6 seconds to collect 1

Myrrh Tree: 1 tree sapling will grow on the trail ground and this tree will make sap.  Reduced Infected by 25% the tree can hold up to 1 vial worth of tree sap and takes 70 seconds to make more. Takes 4 seconds to collect 1 vial of sap


  • Pallet Break- Rats will Swarm the Pallet and chew it until it breaks
  • Wall break- The Plague doctor will kick the Wall til it breaks
  • Pallet Stun- The Plague doctor will put their hand over their mask and use the staff to keep them standing
  • Damage Generators- Rats will begin to swarm the Gen and chew at the wiring and metal
  • Vaulting- The Plague doctor will step 1 foot after another
  • Cleaning weapon: The Plague Doctor will look at the staff and wipe the blood off with a cloth from their pocket and put the cloth away


Miasma: Survivors that enter the Killers terror radius have their healing and repair speed decreased by 10/15/20%. And survivors who stay in the Terror Radius for 3 seconds will be inflicted with the Nauseous status effect 

(Nausea causes survivors to groan even if healthy and the Hearing will warp slightly)

Plague Bearer: Every time a Survivor becomes infected with a Good or Bad Status effect, the Killer gains a token with a max of 4 tokens. Each token increases the Killer’s movement speed by 2/3/4%. Additionally, the Killer gains a bonus to their attack range for each token. The Killer loses a token when a survivor loses their status effect

Unsafe Exposure: At the Beginning of a match this perk has 3 tokens the first 3 gens touched by a survivor will cause the survivor to Scream and Becoming Deafened and Incompsatated for 30 seconds (you lose a token for the first 3 gens touched)

(Add-ons: tbd)