Things Im Looking Forward To (June Edition)...

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Battlebit Remastered announced that they are going to be doing a 48-hour playtest before official releasing their game. For those who do not know what Battlebit Remastered is, it is basically Battlefield with low-poly graphics but with significantly better gameplay, featuring 128 v 128 with proximity voice chat.

Ive been following the development of this game for literal years, and even providing finiancial support for it's development. The playtests are completely for free, but once the game launches, it will cost 15 USD roughly. Im really excited for this one.

Warframe is having their Anniversary, and Im also excited for that. Warframe is a really fun game but can be tough for new players to get into since the tutorial is really bad and doesnt explain much (to be fair DBD is similar).

Either way, Ive been playing Warframe since 2018, originally starting on PS4 but moving to PC, and it's been a blast to play through all of that stuff again, allowing me to take off those rose-tinted goggles and look at things from a different perspective, and even with that, the story still (kinda) holds up.

It's a free game, so I would recommend checking it out when you get the chance.

Probably the lesser known of the games on here, Spiral Knights has started their Shroud of Apocrea event. I personally really enjoy this event since you get a lot of Arenas from Depths 25-28 in this mission type, which allows me to farm out Radiant Crystals and Elite/Eternal Orbs of Alchemy really easily... also because Arenas are just fun.

For the actual event part, Ive already gotten the Obsidian Edge as of writing this, but Ive been working on the Obsidian Carbine. Idk if I plan on getting the bomb since I might just farm Krogmo Coins (a currency you get for doing PvP) to get the Vortex Bomb instead.


Anyways, Deep Rock Galactic (amazing game) had announced their next season, which should be coming out towards the middle/end of June, and Im really excited to see what they add. Im still new but also not really since Ive promoted 3 out of 4 characters already. I know the mission types but I still need to improve a lot of my equipment for the most part.

I mostly play this game with IRL friends, since it's really fun.

And of course we have DBD, this one is obvious.

New DBD chapter is going to release in a few weeks, and Im looking forwards to it, since on the PTB is was really fun to play as and against the new Killer. Also lots of BP from the Anniversary which will heavily reduce my grind, plus a few IRL friends said they would get the game when it goes on discount.


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    I thought Spiral Knights could no longer be played.

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    They had server outages from DDOSing and from a lack of funding, but a community member donated thousands to keep the help bring the servers back online again. This happened a long time ago though, and things are fine now.

    It's rumored that if the servers cant be funded anymore, the developers are just going to make the game peer-to-peer.

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    I'm always a year or two behind on games so I really don't know what is and isn't coming out cause I probably won't play them for a while anyway :)

    For example, I just got to Darkest Dungeon now. This game friggin rules! But that's basically my timeline for when I play games :D

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    I'm looking forward to Diablo 4 coming out in June. Had a ton of fun playing it with friends during the Beta. That's going to take over my life until Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes out in August.

    DBD the new chapter doesn't really excite me, only thing that really interests me is the new map. I'm dreading the anniversary event. People already play more sweaty during events and I don't see this event doing anything to make it more pleasant, only worse. I know the challenges in the anniversary are going to be miserable too with the challenges like "stun kill x times with spawned pallet" or "down survivors x times after exposing them with blood lust". My main Zarina getting a mask is only reason I'm interrupting my DBD break to play the event.