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[Concept] Killer: "The projet"

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Hello, I present to you version V.01 of my killer "The Project." It's still a prototype, and there are many things to modify. I'm interested in your opinion

(Feel free to ask me any questions.)

Quick lore: During the Cold War, America was working on a project called "Num-mother." Several women were used in a soldier program that utilized mind conditioning technology. Unfortunately, the project turned out to be a failure, resulting in severe mental alteration in the subjects.

Today, these subjects form a hive mind, using their mental abilities to torment unfortunate victims.

Name: 08-18ML

Size: Medium

Speed: Medium

Terror Radius: 24 meters < abilities

Power : The Broadcast

This ability is a unique mini-game. All survivors receive a broadcast of repeating numbers with pauses to allow memorizing the sequence.

Survivors must find 3 terminals to input the number combinations in the specified order. A high-pitched sound notifies the killer that the survivors have blocked a part of the broadcast. If the broadcast is not stopped within 5 minutes, all survivors die. If the broadcast is stopped, the killer lets out a scream, revealing their aura to the survivors for 5 seconds.

Secondary Power: Mind Reading

The killer can read the mind of the targeted survivor. The survivor screams to indicate the progress of the mind reading. Each tier (5 tiers in total) increases the difficulty of the next broadcast.

Additional Information:

- The aura of the terminals is visible before the start of the broadcast but is no longer visible once the broadcast begins.

- The killer moves at half their usual speed during the broadcast.

Survivors cannot interact with generators during the broadcast.

- The broadcast takes 5 minutes to trigger.

(unfortunately I can't put the audio, but it's inspired by the number stations of the 60s)

Perk: Last Among Us

When the killer damages a generator, survivors within 10/12/14 meters of the generator suffer from the "Exposed" status effect.

Perk: Hex Obscure

4 totems are active at the start of the match. Each time a survivor completes a generator, 1 totem activates. When all 5 totems are active, the "Blindness" status effect is applied to all survivors for 150/160/170 seconds. The killer gains a 3/4/5% speed bonus.

Perk: MK-Ultima

When a survivor interacts with an object, it triggers the Killer's Instinct for 1/2/3 seconds.

I have a video that shows the beginning of the broadcast.

Tomorrow, I will post "The Survivor" along with a lore page if you're interested.

Have a good evening/day, and thank you for reading

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  • mikewelk
    mikewelk Member Posts: 1,669

    Seems interesting to say the least, it's a shame my solo queue teammates struggle hitting skillchecks so memorizing numbers might also not be a strength of theirs. How would we know if survivors are actually going to a terminal if we cannot communicate?

  • Azymov
    Azymov Member Posts: 2

    You can totally use one survivor to start setting up the terminal and use the other three survivors to distract the killer. Anyway when other survivors hear numbers change to a different code and picture It is a confirmation of a new stage and therefore that a survivor has interacted with a terminal