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A new killer?

LINWUSHANG Member Posts: 2

Hello guys!

Name: Bullhead horse noodles

Backstory: The Bullhead horse noodles were originally the shadows of the prefecture, and they were dedicated to hunting ghosts and helping to reward good and punish evil. What will happen when they come to Dead World of Dawn?

Passive skills

Soul Hook: Each escapee has full soul power, and when you use the right button, the butcher will absorb these soul powers, and when the soul power is absorbed, the escapee will become injured. (The suction action resembles OW- black shadow).

Capture: Each injured survivor has full power, and when you right-click, the butcher will absorb this power, and when the power is sucked up, the escapee will become dying.

Three Souls and Seven Spirits: When an escapee loses his soul power three times, he can directly kill the next time he is on the verge of death.

Demand life: When absorbing soul power or courageous power, the butcher himself will also become strong, when the progress of the ability bar is full, the butcher can turn into a horse face, the right button no longer becomes a suck, but can launch a long-range attack, the right button can throw the chain at a medium distance, bind the escapee in place for 1.5s, and the escapee becomes dangerous. When the ability bar ends, it will turn into a bull's head.

Inheritance skills

Ghost Blindfold: 3 fake generators are spawned on the map, which interact normally with the rest of the motors, but will not be affected by the Butcher skill, and will disappear when each false generator reaches 30%/40%/50% progress. For every normal generator that is repaired, a fake generator will also disappear.

Infernal Hell: Whenever you hang an escapee on a sacrificial hook for the first time, you will get a token, each token will increase the fear range by 3/4/5m, and when you have 4 layers of tokens, the escapees under the butcher's fear range will be in a state of fatigue and dazzle.

Devil Power: Destroys 1 board, butcher fear range increases by 3/4/5m. Destroy 3 plates, and the butcher's destruction, picking, and climbing speed is increased by 5/10/15%. Destroy 5 boards, butcher hit and miss attacks reduce cooldown by 10/15/20%. Destruction of 7 plates, permanent immunity blinding of butchers, 40/50/60% reduction in dizziness time. Destroy 9 plates, if the gate is not energized, all generators are locked for 30/35/40s, if the gate is energized, after the gate is opened, the exit will be blocked for 30/35/40s. Effects are stacked and do not accumulate repeatedly.

Image: You can refer to the image of the Bull Demon King in Journey to the West, with an iron fork in his right hand and a chain in his left hand. With elements of Hades, similar to the form of a ghost.