I haven't seen streamers such as Otz having so much fun

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texas chainsaw massacre really blows dbd away. What an absolute fun game and it's enjoyable to watch streamers play this game too especially when the streamers are enjoying themselves. gun interactive is doing a really great job tbh.

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    I've seen a lot of content creators enjoy TCM but most of them have said and acknowledged TCM isn't a DBD killer and won't replace it. Of course streamers will enjoy TCM though it's a good game and it's a new experience that's an authentic recreation of the source material in video game form.

    TCM has a lot to work out though and I admit even though TCM is one of my favorite franchises I don't know what it's going to do long term since it's restricted to just TCM unless it brings in guest characters.

    I agree with this though - Personally the only thing I'm looking forward to is Nicolas Cage of all things. I have 2m bp reserved just for him.

    My favorite issue is how lobbies feel like an eternity if not everyone readies up. Also how the intro to each round takes forever.

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    It's probably not my kind of game judging by the gameplay footage.

    Also it looks about as scary as dbd and friday does after playing them long enough, which is not really.

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    if texas massacre was not about texas massacre and it was just called survival massacre where they could invent any killer. that gameplay loop is danger to dbd. that is first asymmetric game that can threaten and compete with dbd. I think the downfall of that game is narrow scope. That game will die because of lack of content since it only has leatherface's license. BVHR is kinda lucky. If the dev of that game expanded the game to invent its own killers, that game can potentially replace dbd if not careful.

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    going to be hard to do that when the easy way seems to be only way the game is played anymore. there are things that are ruining dbd i dont think devs will ever address.

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    Lol. It’s only fun now because it’s new and different. Once the “scariness” wears off it will die. There’s not much the Victims can do, unlike Dbd where you at least have the chase with optional stealth.

    Not bashing TTCM at all though, it’s just not going to make much of, if any, a dent in Dbd. It’ll be a nice side game for when you’ve gotten tunneled/bullied one too many times and need a break.

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    I've already heard from other streamers the magic will probably be going for 2 months and then back to DBD. It's not meant to be a full time streamer game. It's the same as Deceive, Inc was. Suddenly no one is playing that anymore.

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    tbf, the last patch of decieve inc killed performance for many people. Also the heat system is really underwhelming. It might pick up steam when the devs put out the next patch that is suppose to buff the heat system if they also fix the new performance issues.

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    I've only watched some footage, but I don't think TCM has that much replayability. While it does look pretty impressive, I think it'll quickly fall into a sloggy routine with too little variance to give it longevity.

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    I was having so much fun playing TCM I was also watching people stream it at the same time. 😁Its fun to watch and fun to play.

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    As far as I'm concerned, the other asymmetric games never interested me, I thought the same thing about TCM, but when I saw the gameplay on the streams, I thought "damn that looks so fun, I should have signed up for a beta key too but unfortunately it was too late and I have to wait over two months now sadge, the others are just a bad slight imitation of dbd, but TCM has its own style, is a lot of fun, has a lot of things that dbd hasn't had for years or only after "cough: put icons in for 6 years" and many other things that should have been in there since day one

    they just need to bring content into the game (what they have) then i'm sure the game will thrive because me and many others who are tired of dbd there is so much going wrong the devs are so slow at everything many more experienced players are taking a break from dbd or are gone (me too) this player community would switch over immediately, btw none of these failed games that went in the direction of dbd interested me except TCM blew me away you can also see on Twitch the people love to watch there, let's see how it will

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    those asymmetric games did not follow dbd formula. TCM is following DBD formula. It has windows in the form of cracks on the walls which can create infinities. It has pallets in the form of doors where if you slam a door onto the killer, you can stun them and drop them on the floor. Leatherface can break the doors and pre-drop pallet locations aka breakable walls. The game has decisive strike in form of bones that stun killer. It also has lockers in form of fountain wells that you drop from to get away from killer. The game does not contain generators, but you could argue that their version of generators is more interactive. You pick-lock doors which is killer version of pallets for survivor and then you perform an interaction to unlock exit which is close to doing a generator.

    The locks and victim objective is extremely fast but that is similar how dbd started with old 60 second gens. On top of that, there is perks for victim perks and family perks. TCM is closest game to read DBD 2. It takes a lot of DBD mechanics and arguably improves a lot of them. If the game got live serviced for 5 years and made bunch of new killers, survivor perks, 20+ maps. that is as close as you get to DBD 2.

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    I wonder why people have so much fun with TCM

    Let's see

    TCM: unbalanced, victim-sided, fun, big maps, good lighting, immersive, horror feel, stealth is an option, losing teammate at the beginning doesn't affect your experience that much, different escape routes, respecting survivor skill, looping is accessible for a lot of players, voice chat for everyone

    DBD: balanced, killer-sided, not fun, small maps, mediocre lighting, mostly non-immersive, arcade feel, stealth is not an option, losing teammate at the beginning is crucial for your surviving, same escape route, not respecting survivor skill, looping is only for high skilled/top players, voice chat for swf only

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    It's fun because it's new and a lot of people are just messing around since it's a test.

    Once the full game releases, people will optimize the fun out of it, a meta will form and they'll have to keep adding stuff to keep it fresh if they want it to last a while.

    That said, it doesn't have to last nearly as long as DBD to be successful. Do some updates here and there adding a map and killers, fix anything too OP and the game will probably have it's own niche of players for a while which is just fine.

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    It won't kill dbd, but it's not meant 2.

    Unfortunately cook feels unfun, and it's either way 2 easy to escape as certain survivors especially or way 2 hard.

    Hopefully more killers add variety to each match

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    TCM does look fun and the focus of it falls very much on this being a party game. It won't have the longevity of DBD and will likely not be around long before DBD ends, but I do not believe the devs expect it to last long. They just want to make a fun game for people to enjoy and are fully aware of the legs the license has.

    All new things will be fun. When "Transmission Ends" comes, people will come to enjoy this new content, before maybe getting bored again and looking for other avenues. TCM does this, as would future games that take on this genre. This will be what is needed for this area to retain fun and enjoyment, as well as inspire other games to get better.

    Speaking of which, isn't "Silent Hill: Ascension" joining the asymmetrical vanguard? The trailer looks impressive!

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    Reasons why the game is popular....

    1) Gates and doors are "reusable pallets", and you can "pallet stun" killers with them.

    2) There are bone piles where you can spam a button (even in mid-chase) to get an item to "stab stun" killers. You can hold up to 2 of these stab weapons at the same time, and you can get multiple stab weapons from the same bone pile. You can also try to 360 the killer, to try to go for a backstab stun.... and there's one character that is so strong that he doesn't care if he backstabs, because he can "stab stun" killers from any angle.

    3) You can "Head on" stun people.

    4) You can chain stuns together. Maybe you want to "knockdown stun" a killer to the ground in front of a container, then chain that into a "head on" stun, then chain that into a "stab stun"???? Sure, why not????!

    5) Some of the loops are balanced for 2 killers to be at the loop at the same time...... so if a survivor is 1v1 with some of the killers, then some of the loops are infinites. So if the killers aren't using voice comms..... well too bad for them.

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    Is that so? How's that gollum game working out? How about redfall?

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    It's a game that in its current design allows you to escape in ~2 minutes with a very high chance of not even seeing/interacting with the killers. People would be losing their minds in DBD if you could escape in 2 minutes/get a 4k in 2 minutes.

    The only reason you didn't see more of that is that there's nobody putting those strategies online yet.

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    Really this post is to everyone who said TCM is fun because it's new, look at how Fortnite is doing.

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    Not every game reaches Fortnite level. Fun fact, Fortnite's original game mode failed and was taken over by the Battle Royale mode that was only added, because it was the trend at the time.

    It's not likely TCM will kill DBD, although TCM itself could carve out it's own niche and live on. It's impossible to know at this point, because the game is new.

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    You're comparing apples to oranges now.

    TTCM & DBD are not comparable to Fortnite.

    Also, Fortnite has the backing of a very large corporation that has ties with other large companies through licenses. Their devs also switch up the game mechanics very often. There isn't much that the devs for Dbd, nor (especially)TTCM can do when it comes to vary the game play and keep it interesting for the long term.

    I wish them the best, and maybe they're be a long lasting niche, but they won't make a dent in Dbd.

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    All I was trying to say is just cuz the game is new doesn't mean it won't stand the test of time doesn't mean it will either.

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    I'ma just...leave this here

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    You realize you're in a thread that's comparing one game to another right?

    Dbd has done a lot that made it fun, new and interesting, TCM is also capable of doing the same in its own way, we just have to wait and see what happens with both games.

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    I don't think Silent Hill Ascension is "joining the vanguard." I'm pretty sure it's an ARG. However, Ascension is being made in collaboration with BHVR. Silent Hill F MIGHT be asymmetrical considering its being developed by the people who made RE:Sistance and RE:Verse

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    It will probably suffer the same fate as Evil Dead. That game was really fun in the beginning and then it got rather boring doing the same old thing over and over. TCM looks kinda fun, but I don't think it has the longevity of a game like DBD.

    DBD is unique because there's such a huge variety of maps, perks & playable characters. I pretty much main killer and I feel like every match is unique in one way or another.

    Problem with games like TCM is they're pretty limited on how much they can add content wise.

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    "TCM is limited content wise"

    The same could be said about dead by daylight in the early days.

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    Dead by daylight didn't start off with all of these amazing characters, maps Etc it took the devs time to come up with these ideas and then make them and put them in the game.

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    I was talking about comparing the two games to Fortnite.

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    well they're mainly limited by the reality that they're grounded in. TCM I could see happening irl unlike say...an eldritch god turning a samurai into a mass-murdering demon. Characters shouldn't be that much of a problem for TCM, at least at first because they have plans for multiple original family members.

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    I mean they're limited by what they can put in the game because it's based solely on the movie. Sure they can add obscure characters from the film or make up new characters, but I don't think they will ever have licensed characters in the game like DBD.

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    turns out playing something fresh and new will always been more fun than playing an 8 year old game that you already have 1000s of hours in

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    The part that worries me about TCM is that one of the designers said there was too much doom and gloom in the subreddit about the Family feeling weak.

    While it is too soon to really figure that out the designer dismissing the possibility out of hand without considering it gave me schadenfreude about what happened in closed beta with VHS. If players feel the Killer role(s) are a joke player retention will suffer.

    On the bright side the designers have said they're happy with a 60/40 win rate for the Family/Victims so as long as the new player experience is kept in mind it should turn into a good side game with DbD. It's just after seeing what happened with VHS I'm a bit cautious in my expectations when I hear devs make statements like that.

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    No hate to TCM devs, but I don't think it's enough to be a competitor for dbd. Maybe a close competitor, but not near the level F13 was at.

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    I've been watching streamers the last few days playing TCM and it looks fun, but for playing from time to time, I don't see it as a game for playing thousands of hours like DBD due its gameplay limits. The survivors (or victims as called in the game) are meant to hide all the time, if a killer spot them a chase which lasts for 15-20 seconds start and finish when the survivor die or hide again. Fun but after playing 4-5 matches you are bored and don't want to play it again until tomorrow or more days later. Anyway, the grandpa mechanic is funny.

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    It was the complete opposite experience for me. I played it a lot for 2 days and when the tech test was over I just wanted to play more. People were playing the game in many different ways. Not all the victim players were hiding all the time. Once I figured a few things out I started being more bold. You can definitely play safe and not make any noise as you escape but you'll probably be looking at a 20+ minute game depending on how often the killers are near you. The game has a lot of circumstances that can play in your favor or against you. I played a lot of matches during the tech test and all of them felt like a new experience each time.

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    It's always fun to play something new. Popular DBD streamers do it often, off the top of my head I've watched them play Skyrim, Evil Dead, VHS, Deceive Inc, Outlast Trials, and now TCM. It's not like they're chained to DBD lol