I haven't seen streamers such as Otz having so much fun



  • Marc_go_solo
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    Fair, and "vanguard" did seem overly dramatic. I just liked the sound of it! :D

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    Husband and I usually don't watch streams together but we had the TCM streams up on the TV to watch together because it looked so fun. I can't wait to play it myself. I love that I'll be able to play both sides with friends. I'm so excited for the content that's coming at release that wasn't part of the tech test. Kim Henkel has tons of characters that weren't used in the movies that Gun can use in the game, I hope we get to see a bunch more.

    I hope it's successful. Both TCM and DBD can exist and be successful. The more successful assym horror to play the better, especially for us console players that tend to miss out thanks to alot being pc only.

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    I don’t understand why anything has to be a killer of DBD?! Why can’t both games just simply co-exist? This is the same us vs them mentality that makes DBD so toxic in the first place.

    How many first person shooters are there out there that just happily live in the same space?

    All I know is that TCM is going to be a great option to play for those of us who are sick to death of DBD. It doesn’t have to be a killer of another game for it to be enjoyable and fun.

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    I feel like it'll be very healthy for DbD. When people burn out on DbD they can play TCM for a while. Then when the TCM burnout hits back to DbD they go.