Heterosexuality in multiplayer games

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the other thread got closed but you wanted some info about sexuality representation - especially heterosexuality - in multiplayer games and even provided a list of games.

i haven’t played those games myself so had to read up a little but but here:

Counter-Strike ?

I will give you this one for now. Way too many characters with short background story and way too boring to read through. Also the character design is very questionable. And also just screams male straight fantasie

Hunt Showdown ?

Hannah has had a husband, Jonathan, who was missing and found dead?

L4D ?

Francis has a girlfriend (Sandra) and there is apparently a cutscene where they are kissing

Evolve ?

Abe has a crush on Caira which he doesn’t want her to know

Quake ?

Eisen is married to Akiko Tetsuo, who got killed in some incident and is giving Jim motivation to track down the source of what lead to it

Halo ?

Apparently, the main character, Master Chief, is canonically asexual? Great find 💙 Thx

But since this is about heterosexuality in these videogames: Sgt. Johnson is in a romatic relationship with Jilan Al-Cygni. Might even be married to her, as he mentions a mother-in-law

also be aware, some if these might feature LGBTQ+ characters (and/or more heterosexual characters)

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