Killer Concept: The Dollmaker

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Weapon: Only Friend

A small stuffed toy filled with rocks and glass.

Power: The Children

Start the game with 10 Doll Traps

Doll Traps - Pressing the power button will place a Doll Trap, Doll Traps can be placed on windows, pallets, breakable walls and lockers.

When placed on a window, survivors trying to vault it will be forced into a medium vault.

When placed on a up-right pallet, if a survivor tries to drop it, it will be immediately broken.

When placed on a dropped pallet, if a survivor vaults it, it will be broken after the vault has finished.

When placed on an unbroken breakable wall, the wall will be destroyed after 1 second.

When placed on a broken breakable wall, only The Dollmaker can pass through it blocking survivors if they try.

When placed on a locker, if there is no survivor inside, survivors that come within range of the trap will be injured and the trap will disappear, if there is a survivor in the locker, the dolls will take them out and immediately put them in the carried state taking the survivor back to The Dollmaker.

If an injured survivor comes into contact with a Doll Trap the dolls will stick to the survivor, to get them off survivors must enter a locker to perform a Shake Off action for 9 seconds if a survivor is healed before performing the Shake Off action it will take 4.5 seconds instead, if the dolls are not removed for 30 seconds the survivor will be put in the dying state pressing the secondary power will put the dying survivor in the carried state and will be taken to The Dollmaker.


Simplistic Design:

If a survivor destroys any kind of Totem hex or not, that survivor will repair generators 12% slower for 30/45/60 seconds.

If another survivor works on a generator with a survivor effected by Simplistic Design they will repair 4% slower.

If another survivor destroys a totem while one is already effected by Simplistic Design the perk deactivate until another totem is broken.

Innocence Factor:

When damaging a survivor the on hit speed boost will have its duration halved.

This perk has a cooldown of 100/90/80 seconds.

Fast Game:

When damaging a survivor that is vaulting a window or a pallet the hit cooldown is halved and breaking speed and vaulting speed are increased by 15/20/25%.

Red Addons:

Iridescent Thread:

Replaces all effects of Doll Traps with the Exposed Effect

First Friend:

The first Doll Trap used will spread to every trappable object within a 18 meter radius.

Reduces Doll Traps by 5

Brief Backstory:

A primary school in UK, Wales gets a new student, Lappy Mase has no grand qualities soldifying her as outstandish other than being much shorter than her fellow students, her father was a renowned doll maker, good enough to have his own business and an amazing income and even though his wife had passed away all was well, Lappy looked up to her Father, she adored his dolls and how their eyes truly glistened like a human's but happiness is not a constant.

Lappy's farther died in a road accident with an unknown perpetrator but it is thought to be intentional, Lappy was now an orphan but before any authorities could take her, her father had told her to search the house as a game if he didn't come back home for too long and death is not a way home. After her search she finds a note behind mini cooler in her dads workspace, it was a code to the safe in that room but as Lappy didn't know how safes work, a clear oversight, she threw it to the floor in a fit childish rage, she didn't know what was in there but it caused a large explosion and created a space where gravity was non existent. Lappy at the center was having information forced into her brain, to much for her brain to handle which caused her skin to deteriorate rapidly as her brains information storage capabilities were overwhelmed.

Whatever this anomaly was finally let her to the ground, her favourite onesie had been worn out and her body was now morbid to look at, her mind shattered and no childish innocence remaind. Her toys had also changed, similar to her fathers works they now had a living factor look to them as they's often twitch and try to move their beady eyes, but Lappy knew exactly why, that knowledge was about how to handle life itself and place them in proxy hosts to do your bidding. The next day would be quite eventful she thought to herself as her mangled grin widened.

At the school she used her toys to massacre everyone there student and teacher alike and turn them into her precious dolls, they were her children now. But Lappy would not leave this school as fog entered the building consuming it whole.

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Wears a bunny onesie with bitten off ears, face overshadowed with only a large grin visible, while walking skips around happily with a her weapon flailing in her hand, hit animation involves her spinning with her with her weapon while giggling to herself, all breaking animations involve her using the dolls.

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