What's your favorite Nicolas Cage movie?

AbsolutGrndZer0 Member Posts: 1,090

Ghost Face: "What is your favorite Nic Cage movie?"

You, quoting Nic Cage: "That's one of those questions, that's impossible to answer. You can't limit it to just one."

*Suddenly you feel a knife at your throat.*

Ghost Face: "Looks like Susie wants an answer too... I'd hurry up if I were you."

So, Ghost Face and Susie are forcing you to answer, what's your favorite Nicolas Cage movie and why?

For me, it would have to be Willy's Wonderland. The fact that it was rejected by everyone and was never going to be made, but Nicolas Cage read the script and loved it and made it happen for them with one condition, he got to be the star and he wanted no dialogue. What you end up then is Nicolas Cage doing all his acting and emotion in a purely physical manner. It's amazing.

[Also, don't ask me why I posted this in the Off-Topic forum. I have my reasons.]