Chapter concept: Severed strings

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So this is an idea I had for a chapter based around puppets/puppetry. The chapter has 3 characters: a survivor and 2 killers. I haven't thought in-depth or the lore, because its the mechanics I've focused on.

Survivor: The woodcarver

Perk 1: Master Woodworker

During a chase, dropping a pallet generates a token. Stunning a killer with a dropped pallet generates 2 tokens. At 6 tokens, this perk can be activated at the site of a destroyed pallet to repair it in the dropped position. A total of 1/2/3 pallets can be repaired this way per trial.

Perk 2: Favourite Chisel

After hiding in a locker for 15/13/10 seconds, you can activate this perk to create a chisel item with 30 charges. This can be used to speed up generator repair by 15/20/25% and while it still has charges, does not cause skill checks to appear, including those from killer perks (like overcharge and merciless storm). When the chisel runs out of charges, the chisel crumbles and vanishes and any previously prevented skill checks will trigger in rapid succession.

Perk 3: Finishing Touches

After repairing the equivalent of 50% of a generator, this perk activates. The next great skill check when repairing a different generator will be much bigger and progress the generator progress by 10/15/20%. This perk cannot be both charged and activated on the same generator.

Killer 1: The Puppeteer

Weapon would be a handful of puppet wires with hooks on them.

Power: Puppetry in action

In a trial, there will be several inanimate puppets (maybe 8, less than trapper I'd say) that the puppeteer can use his power on to either activate or pick it up. The killer can throw a carried puppet which will scream and throw its strings around itself 2 seconds after landing and then falls inactive. When active, a puppet will wander around the map for up to a minute, after which they stand still and slowly look around. While walking, the puppet will have a medium sized detection radius and be acutely observing its area, while stationary, it can only detect in the direction its head is facing. When a survivor is detected, the puppet throws its own strings at the survivor, causing hindered and deep wounds. The puppet then goes inanimate. The strings can be removed by holding the action button which will remove hindered and the deep wounds timer will then start. Survivors can sneak up on idle puppets to sever their strings and make them scream and become inactive but cause no debuffs.

Perk 1: Hex: Dramatic Irony

While the hex is active:

-Dull totems around the map that are blessed or cleansed give a loud noise notification and reveal that survivor's aura for 2/3/4 seconds.

-The aura of broken totems can be seen by the killer and 1/2/3 broken totems per trial can be repaired to a dull totem.

Perk 2: Jack in the box

At the start of a trial, 1/2/3 random chests become booby trapped. When a survivor comes within 5 metres of a trapped chest, a puppet jumps out with a loud noise notification and causes the nearest survivor to lose a health state. After a trap has been triggered, the puppet disappears and the chest will contain an item based on the luck of the triggering survivor. 2 extra chests are added to the trial.

Perk 3: Stay on cue

Upon getting a near miss with a basic attack on a survivor in a chase, gain a token. A maximum of 5 tokens can be held this way. For each token, you are granted 1/1.5/2% haste. All tokens are lost of a successful survivor hit. This perk has a cool-down of 80/70/60 seconds.

Killer 2: The Marionette

Not thought much of appearance, but I'm thinking a large humanoid marionette that floats with strings.

Weapon is the arm of another puppet

Power: Possessed Ensemble

The trial starts with 5 empty vessels (non-controlled copies of the marionette) all across the map. The killer can activate its power to transfer itself to another one of these vessels, leaving the previous body at its current location. Any vessel not currently inhabited will reveal the auras of survivors within 20 metres. When transferring, the killer must channel for 2 seconds, during which time the new body slowly gets up, and when the transfer is complete, the killer will have haste for 3 seconds. The last vessel to be uninhabited will have a smaller radius to reveal survivors and look visibly different, (maybe it has entity tentacles?) and any survivor inside its radius will be exposed, which lingers for 15 seconds. The Marionette cannot transfer to a vessel that has this exposure aura (but can with an iridescent add-on).

Perk 1: Dark Entertainment

Putting a survivor into the dying state with a basic attack causes other survivors within 24/36/48 metres to scream and become terrified for 10/15/20 seconds. A terrified survivor will be met with continuous skill checks if repairing, or a single difficult skill check if healing. Has a cooldown of 80/70/60 seconds.

Perk 2: Scourge Hook: Razorwires

A survivor that unhooks another from these hooks will be inflicted with deep wounds and hindered by 5/10/15% while they have the deep wounds status. Until the survivor mends the deep wounds, their bleeding frequency is increased by 50/75/100%

Perk 3: Castelet Boundary

Vaulting through a window causes that window to be splintered. The next time a survivor vaults through that window, they will be afflicted with exhausted for 20/25/30 seconds and be put into the injured state. If already injured, the window does not cause them to lose a health state, it instead causes the survivor to haemorrhage until healed back to full health.

Map idea: The Theatre

A large hippodrome style map with a central stage and rows of chairs with sections missing. 2 floors, the upper floor having the projection booth and the viewing boxes.