New Chapter: Yumekui Merry

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Prepare to face Dead by Daylight's new hell of a dream, as a new addition to the Entity's roster joins the feast and survivors are stuck in a nightmare they can't wake from.

New Killer: The Dream Demon

Mystletainn, a Dream Demon who was born in the land of nightmares, loved to kill Dream Demons more than anything. But found it boring due to her superior abilities before proceeding to slaughter all of them. When she arrived in the real world, she met Ijima, who wished to crush peoples dreams and goals to slake his sadistic ego. He than became her vessel, and the two became compatible. Ijima conjured up a twisted plan with Mystletainn forcing Dream Demons into his students when his students told what they wanted to do with their lives. Mystletainn then happily executed Ijima's twisted orders, destroying the Dream Demons and therefore, destroying the turning student's dreams, reducing them to almost lifeless, empty shells.

When Mystletainn forced a demon into a young student with the intent of doing the same to her, sometime later, she forced them both into her daydream. At first, it went fine with the girl freaking out at Mystletainn's presence, but then some fog veered in, covering Mystletainn's vision stumbling into another realm, with some new people were running off, horrified by her arrival. Thinking she was in another dream, she made her spear and walked into the realm, hoping there's some new playmates for her to enjoy.

Main weapon: Spear

Difficult: Medium

Height: Short

Movement Speed: 125%

Terror Radius: 23 meters

Mori: Mystletainn jumps onto the survivor's back than stabs them with her spear a bunch of times, before playfully kicking the head to confirm they're dead.

Main power: Haunting Plants, this demon's power can break apart generators for up to 120 seconds with a 30/20/10 second cooldown in between. Any survivors that try to fix it in that time are affected by Hex: Frightful, which causes them to run from the generator.


Slimy End, hit a wall with a basic attack to instantly melt it to plants for 10 seconds with a 20/10/5 second cooldown.

Devilish Charm, Reveals the auras of survivors, when they are in a range of 4/6/8 meters to any object blocked by The Entity. Whenever you vault or pick up a survivor, the perk activates. All lockers in the level become blocked by The Entity for 8 seconds and cannot be entered or left by survivors. Reveals blocked lockers in a white aura. When the killer opens a locker during this time, the perk deactivates.

Playtime ain't over, whenever a generator is completed, in the next 30 seconds, any generator that reaches 99% progression, will instantly become blocked by The Entity for 30 seconds. The first generator you damage, instantly loses 25% of its progress. Whenever you actively damage a generator, this bonus is decreased by 14/12/10% until it reaches 0%.

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