Killer Concept: The Entertainer

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Speed- 4.6m/s

TR- 32m

Height- Average

Difficulty- Moderate

Weapon: What's In His Hat?

A top hat with a host of weapon hidden inside.

Power: Now Presenting

Curtains Sets: Start the match with 6 Curtain Sets, press the power button to place a Curtain Set once placed it will slowly open over 8 seconds, while opening it'll block survivor collision stopping them from passing, once opened survivors may pass through and will close again automatically after 20 seconds then will start to open again after another 10 seconds, Curtain Sets that are open cannot be seen by survivors.

Press the power button again next to a Curtain Set to pick it back up.

Star of The Show: Once a survivor walks through an open Curtain Set they will be afflicted with Star of The Show, when afflicted by Star of The Show survivors can see opened Curtain Sets.

Grand Performance: Whenever 2 or more survivors are afflicted with Star of The Show press the secondary power button to activate Grand Performance, doing so will make all survivors afflicted by Star of The Show Exposed and open all closed Curtain Sets for 30 seconds.

Once Grand Performance ends no survivors can afflicted with Star of The Show for 45 seconds


Welcome To The Show- When starting chase with a survivor other survivors in your terror radius become afflicted with blindness and oblivious for 20/25/30 seconds.

Dark Humor- Survivors working on gens outside your terror radius will hear constant fake close/approaching/far terror radius sounds.

Hex: Rattled- Whenever a survivor vaults a pallet their aura will be shown and will only be able slow vault for the next 4/6/9 seconds.

Red Add-ons:

Tattered Cane- Spawns Curtsin Sets open and they will not close at all.

Old Pinstripe Suit- Extends Grand Performance by 15 seconds.

Design: A skeleton wearing a suit and bow tie with a top hat, walking animation involves an average walk that any killer could have. any damaging or destroying animation is performed with The Entertainers weapon

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