Should we get this outfit in the game? <3

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Claudette Morel's Adaptive into the wilderness outfit. Three parts, legs, upper body/poncho, and hair and face.

Making this poll to get strenghten number so this outfit could come in game for anyone to buy or redeem through a rift progress.

Should there be more original dbd characthers having more costumes like this??

"Adaptive into the wilderness"

This outfit shows the recovery of being hooked with bandages, and hits from a killer that have been bandaged up. Like a selfcarer She is. Outfit shows she have been grabbed by the killer, and pushed by another survivor. But who?🫣

See how she looks like under the poncho, is just an example. Because the poncho will be moving when the charachter is moving. Like feng mings purple jacket. And adam francis jacket too. This outfit set should be able to mix with other costumes. And not being a one set that cannot be mixed.

Appreciate your thoughts on this outfit in the comments :3

I'm planning to make more of these on other survivors ^^

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