Switch - Error in the Offering Screen ver. 7.0.0

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Steps of how this happened:

  1. Booted the game
  2. Loaded a match as a survivor
  3. This happened:

Additional info:

Character: Kate / Perks: We'll make it - Kindred - Lithe - Distortion / Map: Dvarka Deepwood / Frequency: This has happened two games in a row.

This is taken directly from the Nintendo Switch capture system, so it is not a problem of my TV or anything, this never happened before this patch, but at least for me it occurred on the Switch. Also the new map is very laggy compared to the others and It literally stopped my game from working for a second, causing to lost a skillcheck because of that.

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    It seems like it doesn't matter who you play as and the perks it will happen. I can confirm that I have the same thing going on and I am using Jane with a different perk build. Not sure if killer screen is the same though.