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Chapter Name: "Echoes of the Asylum"


In the fog-laden realms of the Entity, a new chapter unfolds, bringing with it an eerie and foreboding presence. Step into the depths of madness as the survivors and killers embark on a chilling journey within the confines of an abandoned asylum. Unearth the secrets of its dark past and confront the twisted entities that lurk within its walls.

Survivor: Amelia Pierce


1. "Haunted Whispers" - Amelia's connection to the supernatural allows her to hear the distant echoes of the Entity. After being chased by the killer for a certain duration, the auras of nearby generators are revealed to Amelia for a short period of time.

2. "Psychic Resilience" - Amelia's time spent in the asylum has honed her mental fortitude. After being unhooked or healed by another survivor, her aura becomes hidden from the killer for a short duration.

3. "Sanity's Grasp" - Amelia's presence alone can inspire hope in her fellow survivors. Whenever she completes a healing action or generator repair, all survivors within a certain radius gain a slight increase in repair and healing speed for a limited time

Killer: Dr. Victor Moriarty


Dr. Victor Moriarty was once a respected psychiatrist at the now-abandoned asylum. Driven by an insatiable curiosity about the human mind, he conducted gruesome experiments on his patients, pushing them to the brink of insanity. However, his obsession soon consumed him, leading him to delve into dark practices that unleashed the malevolent forces lurking within the asylum's walls. The Entity, ever-hungry for new souls, claimed Dr. Moriarty as a twisted puppet, granting him horrifying powers

Power: "Tormented Ego"

Dr. Moriarty's power allows him to manifest his own twisted psyche into reality, warping the environment and tormenting survivors. He can create illusions, hallucinations, and traps that disorient survivors and obstruct their escape


1. "Lobotomy Stick" - An old wooden stick used by Dr. Moriarty during lobotomies. Increases the duration of the hallucination created by Tormented Ego.

2. "Ward C Key" - A rusted key that once opened the doors of Ward C, the asylum's most sinister wing. Decreases the cooldown time of Tormented Ego.

3. "Psychotic Medication" - Vials of potent medication, now expired. Survivors affected by Tormented Ego suffer from hindered repair and healing speeds for a short duration

Map: Ashen Asylum

The Ashen Asylum is a dilapidated psychiatric hospital consumed by darkness and decay. Its corridors are filled with long-forgotten memories and the lingering anguish of its patients. Rotting walls, broken furniture, and flickering lights intensify the atmosphere of dread. The entity's presence permeates every corner, distorting reality and warping the perception of those trapped within

Unique Feature: Hallucination Chambers

Scattered throughout the map are special chambers, tainted by the Entity's influence. When survivors enter these chambers, their perception is distorted, causing them to see hallucinations of the killer and other survivors. These illusions can mislead survivors, leading them into dangerous situations or obstructing their escape


"Echoes of the Asylum" brings a new level of psychological horror to Dead by Daylight. Survivors must navigate the haunted hallways of the Ashen Asylum, evading the twisted mind games of Dr. Moriarty as he conjures illusions and traps to torment them. Will they uncover the dark secrets of the asylum and escape the clutches of madness, or will they become forever lost in the depths

 of their own fears? The fog of the Entity grows thicker, and the echoes of insanity reverberate through the realm once more

I tried my best of making a chapter :)

I hope you like it! its my first time doing something like this :D

and I'm sorry if it's similar to the Doctor chapter.