Bipods are practically blind on Ultrawide.

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Somehow BHVR has not learned from every other power with an alternate camera being bugged in the exact same way for years. On ultrawide monitors the Bipod camera ignores the 16:9 ratio settings and crops out the top and bottom of the screen rather than using black bars on the sides like the standard camera - this cuts out about 40% of your FOV while using it, making them useless for recon on top of being needlessly difficult and straight up nauseating to use.

We're in 2023 and FOV config exploits still exist, FOV cheaters don't get banned, and every other competitive game on the market supports proper ultrawide without black bars or cropping. I don't know why we're still doing the bandaid "pick one ugly solution or one that makes you throw up" approach with either black bars or cropping that introduces a new unplayable bug every single time anything with an alternate perspective gets released, somehow being the same bug every single time and yet being ignored on release every single time. Maybe your cheater epidemic would be solved if people didn't have to use cheats just to get basic QOL and accessibility features.

Do not buy this chapter if you use an alternate monitor ratio, support will just deny your refund request even though the content is quite literally unusable.

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