Visible noise notification when totems gets broken

G_Hunters Member Posts: 74

Platform :

Pc/Epic Store.

Description of the issue + how to reproduce :

When playing as any killer,if a survivor breaks a dull or a hex totem out of your sight,a visible noise notification will occur (same as the ones used for fast vaults,hooks saves etc).

How often this occurs :

Anytime a survivor breaks any type of totem (Out of the killer sight,behind a wall etc).

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  • G_Hunters
    G_Hunters Member Posts: 74


    I discovered that this problem only happens on the Eyrie of crows map.

  • G_Hunters
    G_Hunters Member Posts: 74

    Update 2:

    It happened again on coldwind farm map,I'm confused at this point,there were no totems perk on the survivor side that could explain it.

    Good luck fixing this developers,I hope you'll find the cause of this.