Weird fullscreen partial screen bug

ryokoryu Member Posts: 193

Step 1 launch game

step 2 play match as survivor (Not sure if killer has it happen also)

step 3 resolution wigs out

I played Yoichi vs a huntress on the midwich map

We time-wise were about half way through the game but we had 4 gens left to do. The huntress was not particularly skilled which led to me getting out, in order to get out though I had to abandon helping the ace specifically because as a visually impaired player who barely sees well enough to play at all I just couldn't make informed decisions based on visual information.

Here is after-match video of the bug.

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  • eisenbuns
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    I'm so sorry this happened to you! For the record, my friend in my 4-stack just experienced the exact same bug in the match we just finished.