PS4 - Legion downing survivor with power without getting 4 hits; M1 perks applying during power

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I was playing a public match on PS4. This Legion was able to down me using his power without getting 4 hits. Franklin’s Demise also happened in the hit that downed me while in his power. Link to video showing 1st instance where this happened:

2nd instance:

Map: Toba Landing

Survivor I was playing: Mikaela Reid

Killer: Legion

Frequency of the issue: Happened to me twice in this game. Didn’t play against another Legion tonight but wanted to report this just in case it’s an active bug because it’s a serious problem.

I would have thought that he would’ve lost his power by the time he returned to me after not getting any additional hits (power lasted nearly 30 seconds after hitting me initially and not getting any additional hits). He had no add-ons to extend his power duration. Almost seemed like he was out of power, but that he was still getting the speed buff and was in power animation.

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