My Younger Brother Just Told Me He Is Enlisting In The Military

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I’m very happy for his decision but at the same time I’m extremely scared for him when he is going be away, I just can’t get over that feeling and I can’t calm down really.

I’m going to miss him so much but he makes me proud to be his older sister, but I get emotional because I’m away from home due to college and I haven’t seen him since March, I’m going to return home in a week so I will see him again but I just can’t get over the fact that he won’t be home later this year.

I need tips on how to calm myself down. :(


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    this is a late response but i hope it can help anyway,

    ive been seperated from someone i grew up with and love like a brother for 7 years now and counting, my family's also been distanced for months at once but now we are together again although i still miss the others

    the best way to calm yourself down is focus on studying or working accepting the fact but keep reminding yourself that you'll see your brother again, that's how i did it and still do

    you might see other people having fun with their siblings and this might make you feel bad, and honestly i dont know what to do in that situation myself, i think that's when it hurts the most

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    I’ve been in a somewhat similar situation the past few years. I have a younger sister who went to college on the complete opposite side of the United States from where I live to study musical theater and she started in 2020. I see her maybe two months a year if that.

    The best I try to do is make the most out of the time we do have together. When we’re apart, I try to put positive thoughts like the fact she’s pursuing her dreams in my head. It makes me feel happy for her. I still do have contact with her so we are still able to talk when we’re not together.

    So yeah this is what I usually do. I’m not sure how it works with military in terms of family contact, but I’m sure you’ll still have some chances to communicate your brother even when he’s gone. Just know, everything’s going to be okay. I’m sure your brother is a strong and courageous dude, and he will do great things in the military. Good luck to him!

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    I sisters friend just shipped out to boot camp, shes joining the navy (i think; might have been air force?). She just tried to take her mind off of it. Spent a lot of time with out pets, watched some tv and ate good food all that stuff. Obviously a friend is nowhere near comparable to your own brother, but I thought It might help.

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    I use Valium I'm prescribed to relax and another medication I forget the name of. It gets rid of my stage fright (I do acting for a living.)

    Calms me down in no time. I also take another medication that puts me in almost a permanent relaxed state. All of this is prescription so it's not illegal. I've a VERY rare medical condition so yeah.

    Without these may I suggest therapy as it's a very useful tool when done right.

    Without these two things I find it difficult to relax in stressful situations. They say meditation and breathing techniques work along with yoga, which I've done but none compare to psychiatric help combined with medication. At least that's my two cents on it, but as I always say, what do I know :)