The 9th Circle: A Terrifier Concept

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New Killer: The Terrifier, a sadistic killer named 'Art the Clown' who takes pleasure and amusement in other people's suffering. He roams around the streets on All Hallow's Eve in search of fresh prey, and when he finds the right one, there is no stopping him. There is no hope for them.

Killer Power: 'Art's Mystery Bag!'

Inside this bag of tricks contains various tools that Art can use against his opponents. At the start of the Trial, Art is Undetectable. After using the Mystery Bag, getting stunned/blinded, or getting into a chase, the Terrifier reverts to its default Terror Radius. There are three Tiers:

Tier 1: Mr. Horn

Art's trusty Horn, which can be used to make Survivors scream by holding (LB). Whenever you make unsuspecting Survivors scream, it'll fill up the bar until you've reached Tier 2. (Perks that make Survivors scream do not stack on Art's Mystery Bag. Also, I wanted to add one more letter at the end of that end, just for a funny ha-ha name, but I don't wanna have this removed, so... yeah. If you get the joke, you get it.)

Tier 2: Sir Hacks-a-lot

Art's personal Hacksaw that he uses to remove the chunky bits. Switching between Mr. Horn and Sir Hacks a lot, Sir Hacks-a-lot can inflict Deep Wound by holding (LT) and then pressing (RT). Each Deep Wound Injure increases the bar by HALF as much as the Horn with EACH swing.

Tier 3: Dr. Poppy

Art's favorite toy, a double barrel shotgun modified into a small pistol, with an explosion of fun and games. After reaching Tier 3, Art's Terror Radius is no longer hidden, and is increase by 6 meters. Tap (LB) and then hold (LT) and press (RT) to aim and shoot at a Survivor to instantly put them into the Dying State. After one shot, the Terrifier reverts back to Tier 1.

The Terrifier has Three New Perks:

'Scourge Hook: The 9th Circle'

When a Survivor rescues a teammate from a Scourge Hook while beyond 24 meters, both that Survivor's Aura and yours are shown to each other for 8/9/10 seconds.

'No Laughing Matter'

After interacting with it, the Obsession is unable to open the Exit Gates for 60 seconds while the remaining survivors are still within the trial. Each Non-Obsessed Teammate still within the trial adds 0.5/1/2 seconds for each person, up to three Non-Obsessed Survivors.

'Hex: Abomination'

After getting stunned by a pallet or locker, your breaking speed for pallets, walls and generators, along with your vaulting speed, Gate Opening and Hatch Closing speed are all increased by 50/55/60% for 30 seconds.