Possible scenarios for the future

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There’s some really interesting things the devs can explore but just haven’t yet. Let’s start with stuff that will most likely happen.

Saku, the Redcrane is most likely going to join our survivor roster at some point. Her story has been told in the tomes, just like Haddie so I think it’s possible for her to be joining in maybe next year’s anniversary (and there’s a reason I say that). But like Haddie, Saku has been a character we’ve been following for about a year maybe a year and a half now, her story seems to be on the mind of the devs so it makes sense.

Next, our future anniversary killer, The Mad Designer: Jezebel. There’s been hints that the mad designer we’ve seen through the story is the creator of the masks for the twisted masquerade, even going as far enough in the event tome last anniversary, we got Jezebel as a name dropped in that tome in relation to the mad designer. Now, she’s been a talking point recently for me seeing as how we have a similar scenario like Blight. Blighted event started back in 2018, and went for 3 halloweens before BHVR changed it. This was capped off on the 3rd year with the Blight rushing into the fog in search of more experiments and flowers.

This is the second year in a row with the Twisted Masquerade, I think BHVR will cap off the third year of the Masquerade with the Hostess of the event herself joining the fog as a playable character for us, thusly, The Mad Designer and Saku come into the fog as playable characters together. (A slight spoiler for Tome 15. The last House of Arkham log talks about our original observer and how he’s been getting messages from a person named Z, Zzl, Zzl Trks and Lady Trks with him concluding this “Lady Trks” and the Mad Designer are one and the same. Which makes sense, since Zzl is obviously Jezebel. Cleaver on BHVR for delaying the anniversary until after this revelation, as it gives more meaning to the masquerade. Chapter was originally supposed to come out on May 30th, following the trends of every other chapter and the release schedule for the times with three weeks between levels 3 and 4 instead of 2 like for both 1 & 2 then 2 & 3. The third week, the week before level 4 comes out, is when the chapter comes out, but that didn’t happen this year.)

Now we jump off the deep end and is more personal stuff I would like to see but I think is possible.

Adam lore, we don’t know what school he taught at in Japan, so I think he has a tome story where the devs can explore him helping our students, or even Rin Yamaoka herself thus giving more connection between her and Adam.

Give me Joey’s last name BHVR, we have Frank Morrison, Julie Kostenko, and Susie Lavoie. Oh, and show me Jeff interacting with Frank.

Explain Caleb’s splint on his leg and how it got injured.

With Dredge, we need more on who Otto Stamper was for the cult and for Herman.

I’m surprised they haven’t continued the Pariah story line as it’s been two years since Èlodie and we only have two of the 5.

Could we see Felix’s child come into the fog? And explore the possibility of them possibly getting trapped in the same scenario of Felix, desperately searching for his parents? I feel like there’s some untapped potential with Felix’s child. We already know some of the survivor’s families followed Jordan into the fog due to the observer stories, this isn’t all too far fetched.

I think there’s some good merit to the first two points, the rest are just personal stuff I’d love to see the devs explore. What do you guys think? Does any of this seem like it’s possible? Or am I going insane?


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    Sounds great! Hope they give us something about the Pariahs, they just kinda abandonned them...

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    After Felix and Elodie I thought the next 2 original chapters would have the survivors also be members of the Pariahs, with the next original chapter after that having the final Pariah becoming a killer.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    I wonder if Saku may become a character in one of the new games being developed within the DBD universe, so maybe she won't become another survivor but be walking within other areas of this thing. Perhaps in the narrative, story-driven game being developed?

    I'd welcome her as a survivor, but I'd like to see greater things for her than killer-bait.

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    Jeff will most likely be featured in the official legion comic in a speaking role with Frank.

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    I kind of like the idea that we only have 2 of the 5 pariahs. It’s nice to have some things left in the dark. Some of these other kids just grew up and led normal lives and never got involved with the fog.

  • SkittlesRus
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    Acknowledging the other survivors families following Jordan, I'm honestly hoping Yun Jin's sister will fall into the narrative. In Yun Jin's lore its expressed how she raised her sister while their parents were absent constantly due to their work lives, that kind of sisterly bond would never be broken. Yun disappearing dramatically surely would have grabbed her sister's attention. Not having a connection with anyone as deeply except Yun Jin. imagine her sister following her into the fog as a paragraph or future chapters survivor.