Killer Concept: The Expert

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Speed- 4.2m/s

TR- 72m

Height- Tall

Difficulty- Hard

Weapon: The Big Lad

One's tools for success.

Technicality: This killer cannot lunge.

Power: True Expertise

Hold the power button to Focus limiting the field of view, removes the ability to hear sounds and increases The Experts terror radius by 28m.

Focus Fire: When Focused fire a bullet that traves 72m instantly downing the Survivor hit, once fired The Expert must move to the fired bullet to pick it up and restore it, an action that take 4 seconds, this is the only bullet The Expert has.

Bulletproof Vests: At the start of a match all survivors spawn with a Bulletproof Vest these will prevent Focus Fire from putting a survivor in the dying state instead putting them in the injured state. Once hit while wearing a Bulletproof Vest survivor will need to find a Vest Case to replace the destroyed one.


Quit Barking- If a survivor screams from any means the survivor will be Hindered for 3/4/5 seconds.

Out of Your League- Kicking any generator will cause the most progressed generator to be hit with a series of difficult skill checks, if one is failed all survivors on the generator will be Incapacitated for 15/20/25 seconds.

Silver Lining- Vaulting a window will cause it to be boobytrapped.

If a Survivor vaults a boobytrapped window they will be Hindered and Incapacitated for 5/6/7 seconds.

Red Add-ons:

Scented Amulet- Keeps The Experts TR the same instead of increasing it during Focus.

Coveted Supplies- Survivors no longer spawn with Bulletproof Vests.


The badass women type that The Skull Merchant could've been. Wears a navy camo overcoat and has an eyepatch for the left eye with a hat covering the upper parts of her face, has a torn mouth revealing her back teeth and a bright halo above her head (The halo would mainly be for gameplay reasons) All damaging animations use guns that are hidden, she shoots a shotgun to destroy walls and pallets and uses a pistol to damage gens, the basic attack is an attack using the the butt of the gun.

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