Black Wards Not Working On Twins

TripleStryke Member Posts: 27

For me and some other people Black Wards only don't seem to work on the Twins. I have tested it on multiple other killers and haven't ran into an issue. It isn't a bug for everyone, but I know other people have ran into this issue. Here is a clip of someone reacting to it and some pictures of one example:

Here is an example. It also consumes the black ward. I tested this a bit ago and it has persisted through the singularity release.

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  • gnehehe
    gnehehe Member Posts: 508

    The game may need to finish on Charlotte ; I remember a previous bug (related to successes) that happened when the game ended and the killer player was playing victor at this moment => no bug when people switched to charlotte before the end of trial

    It may be the same issue