Haunted Ground Bugged

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Was playing as nurse on Xbox, ran haunted ground. Totem was cleansed, and I rushed to hit a healthy survivor, except they were just injured, instead of exposed? I assumed it must’ve been some sort of new perk I’ve never heard of, but then I hit another healthy survivor, and same thing- they were simply injured, not downed. I am positive that the duration of the perk didn’t expire. And after the match, no perks used indicated any sort of immunity to the effects of the hex, so I’m assuming it must be some sort of bug rendering the perk obsolete. I attached the full load-out used below.

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  • Mandy
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    Were you blink hitting them? Because Nurses blink attack is a power attack and does not get activated with perks?

  • Zokenay
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    Like Mandy said, some months ago, Nurse was nerfed so her Blink Attacks now count as Special Attacks, which means that any perk that requires Basic Attacks like all of the Exposed ones or Sloppy will no longer work with her power.