Chapter Concept - A Cold Wind Blows

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Hey everyone! I started playing DBD around the middle of 2022, and this is the sixth concept I have come up with. The concept is original in its entirety. You can check out my other concepts linked below.

The Technician

The Lighbringer(Supernatural License Concept):

The Teacher:

The Magician:

The Weaver:

Killer – The Haunt

Weapon – Ice-crusted Scythe

Ability: Slipstream – Gain bonus move speed when near frozen walls or frozen terrain. The Haunt uses his special ability to manipulate the map by creating extra frozen walls and frozen terrain to greatly increase move speed and force survivors to think quickly and adapt to changing surroundings. 

Power: Frozen Terrain – The Haunt may use his power to create frozen terrain on which survivors will be hindered while moving on it. These patches will last for 60 seconds. The Haunt is slowed while creating frozen terrain

Special Ability: Frozen Fortress – The Haunt may use his special ability to create a frozen wall that will last for 20 seconds, blocking survivors from pathing through it. The frozen wall cannot be used within 20(?) meters of hooked survivors or exit gates. The Haunt cannot use his Special Ability while moving. The cooldown of this ability is 90 seconds. The frozen wall lasts for 20 seconds.



- Cracked Goggles – increases the width of frozen terrain by 2m

- Torn Fleece – increases the duration of frozen fortress by 5 seconds

- Soggy Mittens – survivors on frozen terrain will not be hindered. Gain 100% bloodpoints in the hunting category.

- Broken Compass – reduces the effectiveness of survivor aura-reading by 10%


- Worn Harness – increases the length of frozen terrain by 8m

- Camp Seat – Survivors near frozen terrain that are not in chase will periodically have their location revealed

- Cord Reel - Survivors within 8m of frozen walls will suffer exhaustion for 5 seconds.

- Old Sleeping Bag – survivors leaving frozen terrain will remain hindered for 10 seconds

- Snow Shovel – increases the duration of frozen terrain and frozen wall by 25%


- Sturdy Tent – Survivors near frozen walls that are not in chase will have their aura revealed to The Haunt for 6 seconds

- Amphibious Sled – increases the duration of frozen terrain and frozen wall by 50%

- Splintered Firewood – Healthy Survivors dropping pallets in frozen terrain will be injured. Injured survivors will not lose a health state. 

- Satellite Phone – increases the duration of frozen wall by 100%

- Wool Socks – increases the width of frozen terrain by 2m and the length by 10m


- Signed Insurance Policy – Doubles the duration of all debuffs survivors incur during the game. This does not apply to debuffs that disappear when circumstances are met.

- Flare Gun – Triples the duration of Frozen Fortress. Places 4 flare guns around the map. Survivors may use these to remove frozen walls. Flare guns may be used twice and have a 2 second use time.

- Bottle of Rum – Increases the bonus move speed of Slipstream by 10%

- Steel Carabiner – Greatly increases the length of frozen walls


- Frozen Wreckage – The Haunt can no longer create frozen walls. Instead, The Haunt is no longer slowed while creating frozen terrain, and survivors contacting frozen terrain are also exhausted for 15 seconds. 

- Permafrost – When frozen terrain and frozen wall expire, they will leave a melted puddle on the ground. Survivors passing through these cold puddles will scream, revealing their location to The Haunt. These puddles persist through to the end of the trial. 


- Prey on the weak – While within 10m of an exhausted or hindered survivor, gain 1/1.5/2% move speed. If the survivor is injured, double this bonus. 

- Scourge Hook: Frozen Gambit – Survivors unhooked from Scourge Hooks will suffer Chilled. Survivors under the Chilled affect will suffer -1/-2/-3% action speed to healing, repairing generators, opening chests, cleansing and blessing totems, and opening exit gates until the next time they lose a health state. 

- Scourge Hook: Impartiality – Once all living survivors have been hooked one time, this perk activates. All hooks in the trial will now act as scourge hooks.

Killer Stats: Base Movement Speed: 4.0mps. Height: Tall Difficult: Very Hard

Survivor: Travis White


- Martyr – Unhooking a survivor causes you to become a martyr for them. While you are within 8/10/12 meters of the unhooked survivor, their aura is hidden from the killer, their groans of pain are reduced by 50% and they produce no scratch marks for the next 30/45/60 seconds. –“Take me instead!”

- Torrid Healing– While injured, reveals the location of all near fires on the map. While within 4m of a fire you can heal yourself at 100% speed and gain a 50% speed increase of healing others. This effect deactivates if you are fully healed.   (Thought it might be neat to use the numerous fires/fire barrels around the maps.  I think they all have them?)

- Explorer While holding a map this perk activates. Doubles the burn duration of maps. While using the map, all survivors can see your aura and the aura of all discovered totems. You may rummage through an open chest to find a Map one time per trial.

I look forward to constructive criticism and will update with backstory and achievements as I get them finished.

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