No conexion to Internet provider id error ¿¿Why i can't play?

Nicolayss Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

I just play yesterday, someone says how to fix o why this appears to me pls

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This issue has already been resolved.


  • Exerlin
    Exerlin Member Posts: 1,352

    Exact same issue here. Did all the troubleshooting I could, but it just isn't working. I am also getting a consistent steam cloud error.

  • eisenbuns
    eisenbuns Member Posts: 83

    You aren't alone! Downdetector indicates there's an issue with Steam servers as of about an hour ago. I'm having the same issue, and hopefully they'll have it resolved soon.

  • Krilkal
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    Same issue here

    Error on Steam


    edit: restarted Steam again, works now

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